How Marketers Can Avoid Getting Banned From Twitter

There are many opportunities for marketing with Twitter today but if you don’t do things correctly, you’ll end up with a lot of wasted effort. While experts will disagree on some of the techniques and tactics you should use for Twitter marketing, one thing they don’t disagree on is how you can be banned if you break the rules.
Let’s take a look at some common mistakes you want to avoid so you do not get banned from Twitter:
Don’t Use a Trademarked Name (Or Variation of It)
Once someone else claims a trademark, it belongs to that company and you can’t use it or any variation of it for your company. If you do, when Twitter catches you, they’ll reclaim the trademark and suspend you. Twitter will also suspend you for using trademarked logos with your profile. Instead of using someone else’s, show off your creativity and come up with your own unique name and logo that you can trademark.
Don’t Pretend to Be Someone You’re Not
You never want to pretend to be someone you’re not, especially a competitor. This is something that Twitter seriously frowns upon. Trying to mislead other users by pretending to be someone else can do permanent damage to your company’s image. When fans find out what you’ve done, they won’t want anything to do with you and it will be difficult, if not impossible to bounce back from something like that.
Don’t Buy or Sell Usernames
Buying or selling usernames will get you permanently banned from Twitter very quickly. They do not allow any transactions involving their usernames and they will penalize both the buyers and the sellers for doing this.
Don’t Squat on Twitter Handles
Don’t squat on Twitter handles simply means that you cannot grab a Twitter username and then not use it. Twitter will give you 6 months to make it active. After that length of time if it’s still inactive, they will take the username name back.
Don’t Act Like a Bot
When manually following or unfollowing others, don’t act like a bot. If you follow or unfollow large groups of people in a short time frame, it will alert Twitter that something is wrong. Of course, this also means that you cannot use a bot to manage this process. If you do use a bot or if you act like one, Twitter will ban you.
Don’t Spam the Same Message
Spamming the same message over and over again is not just incredibly annoying for the other users but it can also get you banned from Twitter. Duplicate content or links directed to specific users repeatedly will draw attention to you fast and you’ll be penalized for it. This is not the way to make your tweet visible.
Don’t Post Links Only
Twitter is a social networking site, so you need to socialize when using it. Post personal content and interact with your followers. If you’re only posting links, fans will get tired of following you and Twitter will ban you.
Don’t Hijack Hashtags and Trending Topics
Don’t hijack hashtag and trending topics by using it with content about your company or brand that does not have anything to do with the topics, just to get attention. This is not something Twitter will let slide and you will most likely be suspended.
A few other things can get you banned from Twitter, too such as getting involved in a “get followers fast” scheme or having large groups of people blocking you or complaining about spam coming from your account. Now that you know what will get you banned, you can avoid these mistakes and use Twitter as a very effective marketing tool for your company.
Do you have a new Twitter account you want to get a boost on? Get more Twitter followers today and then remember to avoid these tactics so you don’t get banned.