Worst Advice We Ever Heard On Energy Saving

Worst Advice We Ever Heard On Energy Saving

Energy saving has become a big concern of everybody’s lives. You might get many advices online about energy saving, but not all are worth adapting. There are many people who just share random things which are not practically helpful. So before taking any advice from internet have a practical outlook before implementing. Here are few worst advices I have come across on energy saving.

Worst Advices on Energy Saving:

  1. Always fill your empty refrigerator and freezer with water filled plastic bottles: This is an advice which I came across on many sites, what on earth will save energy if you keep fill the refrigerator with water bottles. It’s an impractical advice and has never shown any impact on your electricity bills.
  2. Using shades and drapes to prevent heat loss on cold winter nights: If anyone gives you this advice, just don’t take it because if you even try this at home, you’ll notice that convection currents leads to higher energy bills than usual. Also shading your air conditioners for to protect them from unnecessary work is also a myth which was disproved by the Florida solar energy center a decade ago.
  3. Cleaning the dust from your refrigerator’s heat-exchange coils: No Researcher on this planet has been able to provide any statement of energy saving from this method. Since the outspread of this false advice people regularly removes the vacuum cleaner from their refrigerators, every now and then.
  4. During winter, run your ceiling fans backwards: None of the researchers have ever explained that by running your ceiling fan backwards the energy can be saved. This method could make such uncomfortable that you would have to turn on your thermostat that will however increase your electricity bills. Electrician call it a stupid rumor on energy saving. And also closing of curtains in winters is considered a good method of energy saving, it’s quite good, but if the space between window and curtain is remained than it is a waste of time.
  5. Use natural heat from sunlight whenever available: What if your house is suited for this, then however you are getting it. Besides this you are getting unwanted heat in summer, which then is not useful. So better switch to more comprehensive approaches to save your energy throughout the year. If you have single pane windows with less emissivity coating, then at afternoons you might get enough heat and sunlight and will be useful.
  6. Scheduling an Annual turn-up: There is no evidence till date that supports the idea of the cost of an annual furnace tune-up for heat pumps, furnaces, boilers and central air conditioners can ever be recouped by energy savings.

These are the few myths that caught my attention on energy saving, which has no proper explanation or useless in simple words. Including these one more myth which says that the switching on the ceiling fans in summer would bring air in and in winter it would circulate heat. This is purely a waste of electricity in the winter. Electricians of Sutherland also rubbished these energy saving advices as rumors.

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