Attending a First Communion? 4 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Girls

A First Communion is a special time in a young girl’s life, and you can make the occasion even more momentous by getting the right gift. Not only will she likely appreciate the token of goodwill, but her family will also have a keepsake to cherish for many years. Here are four great gift ideas for a girl’s First Communion.

Personalized Holy Communion Doll

A doll dressed in Communion wardrobe will add to the excitement of going through a First Communion. Some of these dolls are dressed in white dresses made of satin, lace, and other high-quality materials. The doll’s Communion attire can be personalized with the girl’s name, Communion date, or another special message to make the gift more memorable. For an even more special touch, try finding a doll that’s wearing a cross necklace plated in gold or silver.


There are many jewelry options that you can give a girl to make her feel more special for the occasion. Charm bracelets with hearts and crosses can enhance the splendor of the event. She’ll also look great wearing a cross necklace that’s engraved with a special message. There are locket necklaces available as well that feature images of guardian angels and other sacred themes. Another idea is to get her an engraved jewelry box that commemorates her First Communion.

Gift Set

A Communion gift set may include an assortment of items that are both practical and ideal for keepsakes. It’s possible to find gift sets that come with Communion books, rosary cases, and lapel pins. You can also try looking for a set that has a rosary with prayer beads. Bookmarks and other stationery items are included with other sets. Personalized keychains and compact mirrors are other additions that you may find in a gift set.


Even a T-shirt can be a special gift for a First Communion. Themed T-shirts often have depictions of crosses, doves, churches, or other important Christian images. Ordering a shirt with an image of a child who resembles the girl who’s receiving the gift will be especially thoughtful. If you want to try making one yourself, you can use an embroidery machine to create images and messages that are appropriate for the occasion.
You can make yourself a more integral part of a girl’s First Communion by getting her a special gift. The right gift is sure to brighten her day even more and can earn you additional respect from her and everyone else in her family.