Why Walk In Pantries Are Becoming More Popular Again

Let’s face it, the kitchen is easily one of the most cluttered spaces in our home. With cabinets for dishes, cabinets for food storage, cabinets for appliances, there’s often times too much stuff and not enough space. Due to the kitchen being one of the heaviest trafficked rooms in the home, the need for a little extra breathing room is important. One very easy way to get some extra space around the kitchen is the use of a walk in pantry. While they used to be seen in almost every home walk in pantries have fallen out of style over the years. Now, they’re making a big comeback, especially in newer homes that are being built. Here are few of the reasons people are deciding to going back to an older design for new homes and incorporating a walk in pantry.

A walk in pantry with extra storage space for dry goods.

Gardening and Organic Foods

The original purpose of a pantry is for food storage. Before supermarkets and canned foods, Homes had to rely on canning their own foods in order to get through the winters. The walk in pantry made for the perfect solution for storage. As it was cool and dry, it discouraged the growth of mold which can cause many food stuffs to spoil, even if properly canned. With ample shelf space, not only is it easier to store foods, but makes it easier to find what you’re looking for. Take a look in the cabinet that has the canned good or spices and you’ll be able to better appreciate the beauty of a long, well lit shelf vs a cramped dark cabinet.  

With many people making a shift towards growing their own foods to avoid the nasty chemicals that come with most supermarket produce, canning is also making a return as a means of keeping these fruits and veggies fresh all year round.  A pantry gives you a better way to store not just jars, but all of the foodstuff in your home.
Why Walk In Pantries Are Becoming More Popular Again

Storage Space

For some homeowners having a walk in pantry allows them to design a more open style kitchen without sacrificing much needed storage space. Being able to keep your food in the pantry as opposed to storing it in the kitchen means that less cabinets are needed. This can open up wall space and create a more open atmosphere in the kitchen, a design feature that appeals to many new homeowners, especially in a more modern style home.

Adds a Classic Feel to Your Home

Even though it can very easily be incorporated into a modern design, the walk in pantry adds a certain sense of nostalgia to your home. Many homeowners have taken to using rustic designs for their walk in pantry, with stoneware crocks for bread, and shelves lined with homemade canned and jarred goodies. Some even take the extra steps to hang a lantern style light and other personal touches to complete the effect of stepping back through time.

Whether you’re just looking for a better way to store your food or you need a little extra space in the kitchen, consider incorporating a walk in pantry while designing your new home. It won’t take long to realize why they’re coming back into style.

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