Thinking Of A Change Of Career? Become A Tradesman

If you’ve been stuck in the same mundane job for many years, you may be thinking it’s time for a change and fancy something of a practical nature. If so, then learning a trade may be just the sort of job to suit you. Of course it helps if you’ve been the type of person who has always done their own DIY and repairs, but even if you’ve no experience at all in DIY, plumbing etc there are ways of re-training to get you set up.
You could try approaching your local college. Many colleges run excellent courses on a variety of different trades and it could be a way of gaining a recognised qualification in your chosen profession. Whilst studying it’s always a good idea to try to gain as much practical experience as possible, so you could approach a local company and offer your services for perhaps one day a week on a work experience. Working alongside others who know their job will mean you can pick up hints and tips on getting the job done quicker. If you are lucky and prove to be good at the job, there is every chance they will eventually offer you a permanent position when you are fully trained.
Another great way of finding out how others approach a certain job is to maybe look on the internet on You Tube. Although this method would not be classed as an official way of learning, many videos have been uploaded by tradesmen and professionals and are a great way of watching how others do things.
Don’t forget you’ll need to purchase a decent set of tools if you are going to do the job right and you’ll find a great selection online at one of the tool suppliers. They’ll be able to offer you some excellent advice on the kind of tools you will need for starting out at a competitive price.
Many thanks goes to the guys over at for sending us this fantastic guest post on changing career and getting into a trade!