Hiring A Criminal Defense Lawyer – 5 Things You Must Know

You must have a criminal defense attorney if the police and district attorney charge you with a crime. If you have never hired one before, there are five things you need to keep in mind to make sure you get the defense you deserve and can afford.

1. You might not need to Pay for your Criminal Defense Lawyer.

If you are charged with a felony offense or with some misdemeanor offenses, you may be eligible to have a criminal defense lawyer appointed for you at no charge. They may be either a public defender or a private attorney that the court appoints in rotation. To make sure you qualify for this indigent help, the court will examine your assets.

2. How to find the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer.

If you need to hire your own attorney, there are several ways to find the right lawyer.

• You can ask persons you respect for personal referrals.
• Call a local professional attorney’s association or directory for a referral.
• Next, attend some criminal trials and observe a lawyer you are interested in and see if they seem competent. Trust your instincts.

3. Help your Own case by helping your Criminal Defense Lawyer.

You need to provide all the following to your attorney at your first meeting. Do not throw any police, court or witness documents away.

• Any court paperwork, particularly that which shows charges and court dates.
• Bail papers
• Any police paperwork you were given and a copy of the police report, if possible.

4. Do not Lie to your Criminal Defense Lawyer.

Everything you tell your lawyer will be held in strict confidence. If you lie to your attorney, he or she will not be able to defend you properly. Also, you will break any trust built between you. Remember, they work for you; let them do their job. When you have answered their questions thoroughly and honestly, ask the attorney any and all questions you have. Click here to find more information concerning keys for a successful criminal defense.

5. If you are not Happy with your Criminal Defense Attorney, Replace them before Trial!

If you see things the lawyer is doing that makes you think they are not up to the task, replace them before trial. Especially if you choose this lawyer yourself, the court will not later agree that you did not have effective counsel if you did not take the opportunity to hire another when you should have.