Top 6 Secrets For Ensuring That You Find Comfortable Shoes

Top 6 Secrets For Ensuring That You Find Comfortable Shoes

Do you find it stressing to pick comfortable pair of shoes? Count your problems over. This issue is quite common with number of people especially in ladies. A shoe can be beautiful to look at, but is it comfortable to wear? It is not a must to sacrifice comfort for luxury and who said that you can’t have both at same time. As a matter of fact it is possible to look fabulous in high heels and at the same time you can feel comfortable. Following are top six secrets for ensuring that you will find comfortable shoes.

Top 6 Secrets For Ensuring That You Find Comfortable Shoes

  1. Getting a good fit

When it comes to comfort the leading factor is fit. If a shoe do not have a good fitting then it is not comfortable to wear. It is very important to note that our feet are three dimensional that means we cannot rely on a chart for total accuracy. It is important to note that each and every pair of feet is different from other. Keep in mind that; manufacturers, stylists and each pair of shoes are unique in own way. What does this mean? It means that you can use size charts but by all means use it only as a guiding factor.

  1. Avoid shoes with pointy toes if you can

Just like you need space to move around; your toes also need same kind of freedom. Round and oval shoes provide this kind of space. When there is enough room in your shoes your digits will be at ease; consequently guarantying you much needed comfort.

  1. Look out for any hidden cause of discomfort

When shopping it’s very important to try-on the shoes you intend to purchase. Some hidden causes of discomfort include; exposed seams, bits of rubber and plastic that rub against the back of your heel etc. It is also advisable to look inside the shoes for any problem. For more information please check out

  1. Flats are nice, but some are too flat

Flats are good choice for ladies no doubt about that. However, some of them are too flat and in fact they are downright excruciating to wear, so avoid them. Keep in mind, before purchasing any pair of shoes; look at the arch support being offered, toe box area being offered and check if there are any exposed seams.

  1. Avoid stilettos if you have to wear heels

All high heels are not uncomfortable. In fact most high heels are comfortable except for stilettos. This is because stilettos have narrow base and if your weight do not get evenly distributed, it will make you uncomfortable. Check out for perfect pair of high heels that may suit your taste.

  1. Study your feet and you will know your shoes

Each and every person has unique feet and as such which shoes suit another person may not suit you even if you share same shoe number. It is always important to know what kind of feet you have. For example you may have wide feet which mean narrow shoes won’t fit you perfectly etc.

If you find it difficult to make right choice when it comes to shoes then go to your shoe rack. Check the shoes that you have, study them and you will find out what will work for you. This information will help you to make your decisions in future. Please check out for more information, trends and styles.