How digital driver logs can increase your business

When drivers spend too much time on the road, they suffer from impaired judgment, and accidents may result. To prevent these problems from occurring, the federal government imposes hours of service (HOS) regulations on all commercial drivers. Because of HOS regulations, commercial drivers are required to keep detailed records of the miles they drive while on the job.
While many companies still allow their drivers to keep manual logs of the miles they travel, many employers are now switching to digital driver logs. With a digital log system, each commercial vehicle your company operates will be equipped with an Electronic Onboard Recording Device, or EOBR, that keeps track of the number of miles your drivers travel, the hours they operate the vehicle and the speeds at which they drive.
Pros of Digital Driver Logs
Although installing EOBRs may require a bit of investment at first, using them to keep track of your drivers’ behaviors can provide a lot of advantages to your business. Some of the most important advantages of EOBRs are detailed below.
·       Encourages safe driving. Because all of your drivers will know that their behavior is being monitored at all times, they will be more likely to drive carefully, travel at lower speeds and pay attention to the road. Because your drivers will be operating their vehicles with fewer accidents, you will spend less money in insurance, lawsuits and repair costs.
·       Saves money. Drivers who operate their vehicles at lower speeds don’t spend as much money on fuel as those who speed. Because your drivers will be monitored constantly, they won’t be tempted to go too fast and waste your money.
·       Complies with federal law. A new law recently passed by President Obama will require all commercial transportation vehicles to be equipped with EOBRs by within the next few years. By installing these machines in your vehicles now, you can get ahead of the competition and avoid any fines, penalties or problems down the road.
·       Improves foresight. Knowing about your drivers’ behavior on the road allows you to identify problems before they occur. For example, if you find that a certain driver is habitually driving over the speed limit, you can speak to him before he is involved in an accident. Likewise, if you can’t find one of your drivers, you can pinpoint her location by accessing the EOBR installed in her vehicle.
·       A better reputation. Nothing gets you more business than a good reputation. If your drivers are known for being safe, courteous and responsible, you will gain more customers and a higher revenue stream.
EOBRs are the future. In a few years, every commercial transportation company will be required to install them in their vehicles regardless of their opinions on the issue. Not only that, but these devices can also improve your company’s reputation and bottom line. Instead of waiting until these machines are a requirement, consider getting ahead of the game. Invest in EOBRs now and reap the benefits.