Renting a Chiller: What to Look For

Buying an industrial chiller can be a big expense for any new businesses. A start-up company that has limited capital and no steady pool of customers yet may find it better to just rent one until things are more stable. Unnecessary outlays should be minimized in the early days. If your company is just starting out, you should consider a variety of Chiller Rental options to suit your business.
There are several types of chiller designs so look for a rental firm that offers you a good variety. More importantly, before any rental agreement is signed, there are some conditions that must be met.
Safety concerns should be considered to minimize any danger to staff or customers. Do not hesitate to talk to the technical personnel and quiz them intensively regarding safety matters. Does the chiller have safety measures built in? Are the materials used to construct it sturdy enough to withstand accidental explosion or fire? Does the chiller have a fail-safe mechanism in case there is a leak or a tower fan failure? Can it survive extreme weather conditions?

Energy Savings

Chillers require lots of electricity to work. Rent only the most efficient models to avoid high running costs. Ask the rental company about the specific electric consumption of the chiller you plan to lease. Do not trust the figures written on the manual, always ask for confirmation. The cost savings from energy efficient chillers will usually offset their higher monthly rental bills. It is also advisable to rent a unit that is environmentally friendly, one that does not use harmful chlorine laced refrigerants.

The Right Specifications

You should rent a chiller that matches what your company needs. There is no need to rent a 10-ton chiller when all you need is needed is a 5-ton unit. A consultation with engineers and experts is a must to determine an accurate tonnage requirement. Little miscalculations could cost a lot of money. The rental company should also be willing to customize a chiller design for you.


To minimize the chance of breakdowns, rent only new chillers where possible. They are fresh and free from wear and tear. Downtime for chillers should be minimized preventing losses from spoiled products.
Before signing on the rental agreement, you should ask for the maintenance record of the chiller. If the rental company refuses to give you one, it means they have sloppy maintenance practice so it is best to avoid dealing with them. The deal should also be clear that rented chillers come with free repair and parts replacement.
Renting a chiller should be less expensive than buying one. However, choosing the right chiller is imperative and can only be done if you are dealing with an honest rental company. They should not hesitate to provide you with answers about safety, maintenance and the electric consumption rating of a chiller you plan to rent. If they do, look elsewhere.
Amanda Walters – This article was written by Amanda Walters, an experienced freelance writer and regular contributor to Huffington Post. Follow her here: @Amanda_W84