Things You Should Know About Magento Dedicated Server and Shared Hosting

As opposed to what others may have thought, putting up a business in the Internet calls for a lot of things you should know about before doing anything else or investing a huge amount of money. First off, it is vital to acquire knowledge regarding the difference between dedicated server and shared servers. Technically, their major difference lies in the number of people each is able to cater. While dedicated only works for one person, the latter allows sharing of server by multiple individuals.

Should you wish to run Magento, the system requires you to make use of a dedicated server in order to maximize its full potential. The problem with this, however, is that this kind of server can be quite costly. Shared hosting, on the other hand, is considered by some experts and users as more preferable than the dedicated type. Professional entrepreneurs have stressed out the many benefits you can get when you choose the right kind of server which guarantees to give you ample visitors and huge sales online, saving you and your business from the possibility of failing.

Several guidelines are provided for an aspiring online business owner to become successful in this endeavor. When searching for Magento hosting providers, it pays to look at 5 important categories which are enumerated and further explained below.

1. Price

It is rather normal and necessary to invest a certain amount of money in order to establish your desired business online. Nevertheless, it is important to be cautious enough in dispensing any amount. This will help you save more and prevent wasting of money. When it comes to choosing a product to buy, look for the lowest price as shown on the company’s web page or as quoted by a sales representative.

2. Support

One mark of a good service provider is the availability and accessibility of its support. Make sure to trust a company that renders 24/7 customer assistance through phone, email and chat.

3. Magento Setup

In choosing for the best Magento hosting provider, find out the ways for the installation of Magento on the server. Make sure that the entire course will be very easy, especially if you are a non-technical person.

4. PCI Compliant

Choose a company that offers PCI compliant shared servers. A certification for PCI compliance is necessary for a company to get credit card information from a client as a mode for payment. Remember, this is mandated by the law; hence, every company should follow and each consumer should look for it.

5. Magento Partner

It’s rather impossible for a business owner to succeed in the industry without having some partners. Having said that, it is significant that you choose a company that works with several hosting partners who are inclined at keeping your store up and running and all set for your customers. Moreover, they guarantee the best online and database server performance and accessibility. Not to mention, providing everything you need to succeed.