What To Look For In A Transportation Services Company

Choosing a reputable transportation services company can help you sleep easily. Experienced shippers have the experience, network and services to move your freight in a safe, efficient and timely fashion.

In a time sensitive industry you must take great care in performing thorough due diligence to find the right transportation services company for your needs.

Excellent Customer Service

Working in a pressurized industry with strict deadlines demands transportation services companies to offer exceptional customer service. If your shipment should have arrived yesterday a skilled, experienced customer service representative can get you the answers you need to report to your manager.

Employees should respond to your freight rate request in a timely fashion to earn your trust and your business. Demanding top notch customer service helps you find good matches for your business.

New international shippers should be patiently walked through the process of moving your shipment from point A to point B through international waters. If your prospective forwarder isn’t willing to offer thoughtful, helpful customer service, move on to the next company on your watch list.

If you find that a business handles your customer service needs effectively you can feel confident that it’s paying the same critical attention to detail in handling your shipments.

Check References

Reputable companies have a list of professional references willing to vouch for their services. Ask around to find current or former clients who speak highly of their business.

Keep an eye out for warning signs like finding no glowing reviews for service companies online or offline. If this is an established business without references the business is likely cutting corners and doing a poor job of filling their client’s needs.

Client references should appear on the business website. Speak to customers to see how happy they are with their current level of service.

Ask specifically about the type and volume of freight that current customers are moving through the forwarder.

Look for the Right Services

Make sure the business offers services like supply chain management to help you better handle your most difficult shipping challenges. Demand the services you require to move your product efficiently.

Receiving assistance with distribution and warehousing issues can help you avoid problems when your shipment is in transit. The more services you have access to the more smoothly and effectively you can ship and track your freight through the entire process.

Transportation services companies should be able to handle rail, ocean, air and trucking shipments to seamlessly move both domestic and international shipments.

Shipment tracking and cargo insurance are 2 critical services that any legitimate shipping company should offer you.

Network Potential

A transportation services company is as strong as its network. Well-connected businesses can tap into a vast pool of partners to facilitate international as well as local shipments. Make sure they have strong contacts in the specific country where you are shipping to feel confident in their services.

One added bonus of having a large global web of business partners is the wide range of services available to clients through this network.