Top 8 Google Easter Eggs

Here are the Top 8 Google Easter Eggs. Enjoy!

(1) 1998 version of Google

By searching “Google in 1998”, Google brings you to the 1998 version of the site. The first result of this search brings you to the Wayback Machine’s version of 1998 Google. By clicking I’m Feeling Lucky, you will be sent to a complete history of Google in depth.

(2) Breakout

Search “Atari Breakout” and click Images. Google turns the images into blocks and you are able to play a fully functioning version of Atari’s popular game “Breakout”. Warning – you are only given five lives! You can upload your score to Google+ after you run out of lives.

(3) Bacon Number

In light of the popular trivia game Six Degrees to Kevin Bacon, you can Google any actor’s or actress’ name with “bacon number” at the end to get the official bacon number of the actor or actress you searched.

(4) Blink and Marquee

Searching “blink html” will cause the words “blink” and “html” to literally blink on and off wherever they appear in the Google search results. Similarly, searching “marquee html” will cause the line of text towards the top of the screen displaying the quantity results of your search to scroll horizontally like a marquee format.

(5) Famous Star Trek Quote

Using the voice search button on the right of the Google search box, search for “Beam me up, Scotty”. This produces “I cannot do it, Captain, I do not have the power,” in the voice of the Star Trek character, Mr. Scott.

(6) Messing With The Search Results Display

There are a few different searches that will alter the physical appearance of the Google search results. Try typing in “askew” or “tilt” – both will result in the same effect. The Google search results page will literally be tilted by a few degrees. Next, Google pays homage to the popular game series by Nintendo, Star Fox. By searching for either “do a barrel roll” or “z or r twice”, the Google search results will literally spin three hundred sixty degrees. These searches are in reference to the popular phrase frequently said throughout the Nintendo Star Fox gaming series. A barrel roll, which is a complete roll in an aircraft, could be done by pressing the Z or R buttons twice on a standard Nintendo 64 controller while playing Star Fox 64.

(7) Zerg Rush

Acting in appreciation to the popular online game Starcraft, Google’s software engineers created this Easter Egg which works by searching for “zerg rush”. In Starcraft, Zerg Rush is the name of a popular tactic performed by exploiting the Zerg race’s advantage of fast and plentiful spawning to quickly take out an enemy before they even have the chance to start building basic infantry. The Google search results will have a bunch of o’s attack the search results and will destroy them if nothing is done. However, you can attack the o’s by clicking on them. If you are successful in fending off the o’s from your search results, the o’s will line up in the form of “GG”, the acronym for “good game”.

(8) Pacman

This last Easter Egg is pretty self explanatory. Search “Google Pacman” and click the Pacman image to start playing Google’s version of Pacman.

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