The Upcoming Beast Of Apple Is Here: Apple iPad Air 4

All the lovers of Apple, the iPad ones specifically, this one is just for you! Just like the trailers of the movie help you decide whether or not it is worth the watch, here is a run through of the iPad Air 4; you can as well decided whether or not it will be worth the buy!

IPad lovers are crazy fans of Apple. After all, you get the best of quality and at the best of prices too! *winks* However, the basic story is that iPads by Apple are definitely a must have if you have interest and the capacity to buy one!

C’mon, if I ask ten people to answer for or against Apple, at least eight of them would be for it! That is the kind of reputation Apple has made right now. So, coming to the iPad Air 4, well it is surprisingly amusing to talk about it right now, but we have just go you a rough idea of how the device would function.

The iPad Air was originally released quite early, and then came the iPad Air 2; and now here we are skipping the third and jumping on to the fourth! But what’s the harm anyways!


So, let us begin with a close look at iPad Air 4 based upon the two other models already in the market. Here we go:

PROCESSOR! With A10x chipset this time while, The iPad Air 2 had an 8X processor, and was super fast! So we can approximate the iPad Air 4 to have something as a 12X processor. Woho! Now we are talking. Wouldn’t this be just amazing, and the perfect of all? It is like the iPad will be forking in fast motion or super-fastest if that was a word!

CAMERA! Now that seems to be one of the most lavish features of all Apple products. If I ask somebody how many megapixels your camera has, he/she wouldn’t even know! All they care about is it iss an Apple!

SCREEN SIZE AND DISPLAY! Well, with each version, the size is bound to increase, if not too much even just half an inch. And display for the iPad Air 4 is likely to be super Amoled 4K display or an HD one! After all, with so much of popularity and the demands going up, Apple can’t even think of compromising in the screen display!

BATTERY! Well, with such features, there has to be better battery life, which we can surely expect from the iPad Air 4!

Apple has never failed to appeal to its users, and it will not this time either! We can compare them all with the astounding features of Samsung Note 6.

These were rough approximations, so we can always expect a lot more than just this! Apple will in no way leave any stone unturned for sure, it does cost a little too much, but surely worth the experience it gives!

When and at what price seems to still be a huge question! Not any time before the final quarter of next year; however no-one can predict what it has in store!