The First Step Towards Job Hunting: Making Portfolios

A job portfolio can be a testimony to anything from a proof of your skills to a show of your ability. As you enter the interview, a job portfolio can show your prospective employer what your aptitude for the job is. Using portfolios is now considered a norm when applying for a job in many different fields, including but not limited to, acting, writing, modelling and arts. This article will show you how to create a portfolio, which makes an impact on a proprietor.

Writer Portfolio

First, sort out all of your work with respect to the form of writing it falls under. Academic writing, technical writing, product descriptions, etc. should all be organized. Make sure your resume is consistent with your portfolio. As a rule of thumb, you should only include the works, which fit the requirements of the organization you are applying to. For example, if the job you are applying for is for a technical writer,  you should include all your work done under this premise, in your portfolio.

Model Portfolios

Modelling portfolios are some of the toughest nuts to crack when making portfolios. 90% of the hiring criteria for modelling agencies is based on the portfolios. This means that making an impressive portfolio is of utmost importance for a career in modelling. First off, you need to have professional photographs taken of yourself. This means that you will have to invest in hiring a photographer for a photo shoot and a makeup artist for professional assistance. Include photos with varying poses, clothes and expressions. Make sure you choose the best photographs from the lot.

Chef Portfolio

Chef portfolios are considerably less important in applying for a chef’s job. However, they certainly do help in the selecting process. Typical chef portfolios include details of different recipes and certificates of your training course among others. Make sure that you write the recipes in a very professional manner. This means that you need to clearly mention the ingredients of the recipe one after the other. This should be followed by the techniques required to make the food.

Architect Portfolio

When applying to a firm for the position of an architect, there is a certain convention that you need to follow. Preparation is key. Start by sorting the different projects you have worked on. These can include anything from designing parks and commercial plazas, to residential apartments and theatres. Anything that you have successfully designed in the past should be included. The portfolio is one of the major contributors when you are applying for an architecture job, so make sure you do your research before applying. A diverse and well-designed portfolio is key to being hired as an architect.

Although only a few examples have been mentioned, all the guidelines provided can be followed for a professional portfolio for other job applications. Just make sure that you skew the information accordingly and make the portfolio look like it has especially been made for that specific job. Small details matter for a good impression.

Evelyn Roger works as an advisor in the HR department for some of the top firms in Scotland. Read more about her works here at