Want Long Lasting Tyres? Read These Essential Tips

It does not matter if you have the most expensive or the cheapest tyres installed in your vehicle. The point is how to maintain them and have them last long. By taking good care and maintaining your tyres, you ensure that you get the maximum mileage out of your fitted tyres so that you do not have to get them changed very often.

Maintaining and Checking the Correct Air Pressure

One of the most basic steps to ensure that your tyres are long lasting is that to service them well. Most of the people just simply ignore the air pressure criteria of their vehicle and hence most of the times cause their tyres to puncture. The air pressure of your tyres needs to be checked at least every once a month. If at all your tyres fall below the prescribed pressure then you need to ensure that they are refilled as soon as possible. Care should be taken that the tyres should not be overfilled as that can cause a blowout.

Travelling Long

The city roads are too much for a tyre to handle, hence, many a times the tyres wear and tear during the city travel. Emergency brakes, twists and turns can lead a strain to your tyres. The motorway should always be preferred when travelling far so as to maintain the health of your tyres and not cause any further strain on them. If you are looking for long lasting tyres, prefer buying National Tyres only.

Decent Driving Habits

Rash driving will do you no good. Many people like to speed away and do a lot of stunts with their vehicles. While this may seem very cool it is very unhealthy for the health of your tyres. Jerking, sudden brakes, fast acceleration and sudden turns etc. reduces the tyres life span drastically. Thus, taking the motorway seems to be a feasible option.

Rotating the Tyres

One more aspect that needs to be thought upon in extending the tyres lifespan is ‘rotation’. Rotating the position of your placed tyres ensures that it does not suffer the wear on one spot only. The effect is evenly distributed.

Alignment of the Tyres

When you are rotating the tyres of your vehicle, also check if the alignment is in place or not. If the alignment is not perfect then it can lead to a lot of wear and tear of your tyre which can drastically bring down the lifespan of your vehicles tyres. The alignment needs to be checked if you are placing new tyres or cheap tyres as well.

Spread the Word

While you take care of the tyres of your own vehicle, also educate and guide your family and friends about the same. The tyres are the only mode of contact between the road and your vehicle. Thus, it needs to be taken care for, failure to which can lead to gruesome accidents. Thus, share this piece of information to your near and dear ones. Remember, while driving might be fun and game, the good condition of your tyres are the only aspect that can keep your vehicle going, safely!
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