Top Five Travel Applications On The Android Based Gadgets

Many enjoy travelling and people start planning months before they take on their journey. Some enjoy the whole process of booking tickets, hotels and many others related jobs whereas many these days try to void these activities and out all the burdens on the travel agents. But what if your Android Smartphone becomes your best travel agent and guide you in the supreme way. Below are mentioned top five travel applications that will greatly streamline your next holiday experience. Now there will be no hassle on your next holiday and you can do everything you want from your Android Smartphone only.

1. Airbnb

With this application you can find staying accommodation almost anywhere round the world. It can help you with near about 200 countries in finding the best hotel and staying place round the Globe. Also the application allows you to book the property anywhere which comes in the list of the application. You just have to use your credit card and you can read customer reviews, user profiles and exchange your comments with the various prospective customers and guests in the same accommodation.

2. XE Currency Convertor

You must definitely be aware of the role played by many in your journey. With this currency convertor you can convert currency anytime you want. It will give you the most updated results and rates. There is also the availability of the charts which can be used in the absence of the Internet connection. The rates are updated every minute and you get the latest value. You can personalize this application to the full extent by resetting the rates, turning off the symbols and changing the frequency of the updates. The application can be used online as well as offline so that you get the full services anywhere round the globe.

3. Worldmate

This is your comprehensive travel agent as it can assist you with the hotel bookings, rent cars, flight ticket manage and organize the whole trip in the best possible way as per your requirements. You just have to forward your schedule to the Worldmate application and you will get the complete details of anything you are on your holiday. Whether it is taxi details, flight booking details or any other thing related to your stay you will get the complete details regarding it.

4. WI-Fi Finder

This is the most useful application for the ones who find it difficult without the internet and the application can be used to search the paid as well as free WI-fi services in your nearby places. The application is capable of working online and offline too and you can search all the WI-Fi connection sitting at one place round the Globe.

5. Tripit

The specially designed application is basically for the busy people such as businessmen who do not have minute to book flights, organize schedules and reserve hotels. They just have to put in all the details in the Tripit and will get the complete schedule organized in the best way in the form of an itinerary. You will get the complete details at one place only so that you can access them from anywhere as well share them with your friends and family.

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