Why Should You Get a Bifold Shower Door

If you’re looking for a new shower door, there are so many different kinds with various features to choose from, so which type do you go for? Well, showers with a bi-fold door really are an excellent choice. Here are a few tips on why you should get a shower that features a bi-fold door.

Stylishly Simple

Because of their simple yet stylish design a bifold shower door will be guaranteed to suit any bathroom interior design. They are entirely affordable, they look fantastic and function exceptionally well. With options of completely transparent glass and frosted designs you are bound to find something that you love, fits with your theme and gives your bathroom a sense of luxury. The simplicity of this type of door means that it is timeless and won’t look outdated in just a few years.

Saving you Space

If you have a small bathroom, bifold doors are a great way to save space. If you need the shower to be installed in a small room, you may have problems with a shower that has a large, singular door design as the door may bang into the wall when opened and could be damaged. As the bifold door allows you to open one section, you are much less likely to have this problem.

When purchasing a door, you can often choose whether the hinge is on the left side or the right hand side and a lot of bifold showers have a pivoting feature making it easy to get in and out. When it comes to cleaning your shower having bifold doors can be a real help, especially when you need to get to hard to reach areas. With bifold doors you can be happy in the knowledge that your shower is as clean as it can be.


Most shower doors are made with toughened safety glass making them entirely suitable for children. This toughened glass improves and enhances the durability of the bifold shower door, giving you piece of mind that the door will last a very long time.

The folding design of a bifold shower is great for containing water when you are leaving the shower. Where other showers would swing outwards allowing the water from the shower to splash everywhere, the folding feature of the bifold prevents this from being a problem. Without the risk of flooding your bathroom, you can be confident that you’re not going to slip and fall.

So make your life easier with a shower that features a bifold door. Look around and find the perfect shower for you. Make sure that it is the right size, style and colour for you to ensure that you have the perfect bathroom to provide you with the endless luxury that you deserve.

Lesley Walker is a seasoned writer on the subject of interior design and homes, specialising specifically in bathroom features and design. She writes frequently for blogs, print and websites. If you are looking for the perfect bifold shower door make sure you order the right size and style that will compliment your bathroom.