Bad Experience With A Commercial Airliner? Top Tips On Handling The Situation

Bad Experience With A Commercial Airliner? Top Tips On Handling The Situation

It can sometimes seem like every week brings a new story about the poor customer service offered by airlines. While the bad press may overstate the issue, you do have the right to look out for your interests. The travel industry is a big business, and sometimes that scale can make them lose sight of the one-on-one customer service experience. Keep these tips in mind when you’re trying to resolve an issue through your airline.

Make Sure to Keep a Record

If the increased publicity of bad airline PR is an indicator of anything, it’s that public exposure can be the best asset you have when making a claim. If you experience an issue with your airline, begin documenting it as soon as possible. This could mean taking a picture of damaged luggage or recording an altercation with a member of the staff. Having evidence on hand can go a long way towards making your case.

Address Customer Service with Objectives in Mind

Consider what would be reasonable terms for a resolution. A valued family heirloom damaged in transit likely requires better recompense than a broken souvenir. If you’re trying to make a business meeting across the country and dealing with a cancelled flight, simply getting on another plane may be more imperative than getting your due recompense. Set your terms, and let those guide your conversation with the customer care team.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask for a Supervisor

The stratified nature of most customer service departments means that the front line representatives may not even have the authorization to give you what you need. If you find yourself unable to come to reasonable terms with the care rep, don’t be afraid to ask for a manager. Continuing to run in circles with a representative unauthorized to assist you in the manner you need will just waste everyone’s time. The higher you climb the ladder, the more likely you are to receive the results you deserve.

Make Use of Social Media

Sometimes dealing with representatives in person or on the phone just doesn’t give you the expected results. Social media can be a powerful platform to leverage your complaints. The bad publicity of posting complaints on a feed can pressure many companies to concede to customer demands, but you may want to start more personal. Send out a direct message on Twitter or Facebook outlining your complaint, and see how they respond.

If your experience with an airline has resulted in an injury, trying to resolve the issue solely with their customer service team may not be good enough. Contact an experienced injury lawyer so that you can get the representation you need.