Marquee Hire – Where To Start, What To Expect

While ‘daunting’ may not necessarily be the most appropriate word, seeking to hire a marquee for the first time can nonetheless be something of a tricky prospect.  After all, with no prior experience or frame of reference to go by, even knowing where to start can be somewhat difficult. Nevertheless, the allure and appeal of hiring a marquee for any given event is such that more people up and down the United Kingdom than ever before are taking the plunge and investigating the true benefits of marquee hire services.

The good news however is that according to the experts at, it’s actually a prospect and a process that’s never been easier. So for those who may be setting about the task of marquee hire for the first time, here is a quick overview of the kinds of things to expect and how to get started:

1 – Cost Considerations

First up, the question as to exactly how much it costs to hire a marquee is one that’s almost impossible to answer. The old ‘how long is a piece of string’ comes immediately to mind as marquee hire prices start from as little as £250 in some instances and can go well beyond the £6,000 mark – it all depends on what you want/need. Some experts, however, suggest that one way of looking at prices is on something of a per-person basis. It’s a very vague rule of thumb to work by, but if you imagine you’ll be paying somewhere between £20 and £50 per guest for the marquee-hire charges, you’ll at least be in the right ballpark.
Marquee Hire – Where To Start, What To Expect

2 – Size and Space

When it comes to the size of the marquee, there are a few things that need to be brought into consideration – the most obvious of course being the number of guests you wish to invite. Something important to bear in mind here is that if for example you intend to invite 100 guests, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good idea to hire a marquee with an absolute maximum capacity of 100. It may be suitable for 100 people, but it doesn’t guarantee there will be any breathing room whatsoever.  It’s also crucial to factor in the space you’ll need for anything else you plan to house in the marquee – entertainment, dining, dancing areas, general socialising spaces and so on and so forth. As such, it’s advisable to err on the side of caution and think about hiring something at least slightly bigger than you think you may need.

3 – Choosing a Quality Company

With so many marquee hire companies currently in business, knowing who to work with can in its own right be quite challenging.  Nevertheless, by carrying out a few simple checks before going ahead you can at least ensure that the company you choose is up to the job. For example, you might want to check how long they’ve been in business to ensure they are the real deal, evaluate their professionalism by investigating their website, ask as many questions as necessary to clarify key details and take a look into their reputation by way of feedback and testimonials.

4 – Getting a Good Deal

Something else to bear in mind is that when you have come to a decision with regard to the specifics of the marquee you need, there’s every chance you could save a lot of money by shopping around. There are more hire companies in business all over the country than ever before and while quality standards will of course vary, so too does value for money. So before agreeing to any hire package, be sure to compare the market and see what kinds of deals are on offer elsewhere.

5 – Before and After

Last but not least, generally speaking it should not be left to the client to fully prep and ready the area in the which the marquee will be installed. A quality marquee hire company should always be willing to play a role in helping clients select the most appropriate venue for the marquee and preparing the surface/area as necessary. In addition, there’s really no excuse these days for a professional marquee hire company to leave any kind of mess or chaos behind, after the event has closed down. Nevertheless, these are the kinds of things it isn’t necessarily a good idea to take for granted, so be sure to ask as many questions as necessary in order to assess exactly what the provider will indeed provide before and after the event.