3 Tips For Remodeling Your Bathroom Effectively

Remodeling your bathroom can boost your home’s value dramatically. Making a small investment by fixing your lighting or replacing your toilet can improve the appearance of your bathroom and you can command more money if you want to sell by making a few key upgrades in this living space.

Make sure to remodel on a tight budget. Intelligently add only what needs to be upgraded to avoid falling into heavy debt. Follow these 3 tips to remodel your bathroom effectively.

Try Out Your Bathtub

Sit in your bathtub before making a purchase. You can’t go by the eye test to select a tub. Even if you appear to have ample space you won’t know how a tub accommodates you until you place yourself in the tub.

Know that bigger tubs are necessarily the better choice for you. For most folks a 5 foot tub works just fine. Just look for a tub that allows you to stretch out your legs fully. If you have little space for a bathtub simply buy a deep tub to accommodate yourself. Work with the dimensions of your bathroom to find the optimal fit.

Work within Your Budget

Don’t go overboard accessorizing your new bathroom. Although fixing up this living space boosts the value of your home making extravagant and unnecessary upgrades creates a mountain of debt which weighs you down.

Don’t allow an over the top upgrade to force you into heavy debt. Be practical. Make necessary changes to ease any financial burden by boosting the value of your house. Assess what needs to be fixed. If you have an old, poorly functioning toilet feel free to upgrade since this part of the bathroom is used frequently.

If however you want to upgrade your perfectly functioning tub into a luxurious bathing area for two think long and hard before going into debt to make this upgrade. Work within your budget to make the smart choices.

Make Sure You Have all Necessary Parts before Getting to Work

Before you hammer into a wall or tear up your floor make sure you have every part on hand.  Tiles and vanity tops may arrive weeks after ordering so it wouldn’t be wise to begin work until you have each part in your home and ready to be installed.

Trying to use a bathroom in the middle of being worked on can be an inconvenient experience for both the remodelers and the home’s residents. If you’re doing the work yourself you’ll need to deal with the eyesore for an extended period of time unless you plan your work intelligently.

Your new tub, lighting, tile and plumbing fixtures should be ready to be installed while you’re working. Don’t let the frustration of waiting around for parts push you into making a rash decision. It’s far better to be patient than to start before you’re prepared.

Avoid having an unusable bathroom for days or even weeks at a time. Start working only when all of the necessary parts are on hand.