Journey Of WhatsApp

Journey Of WhatsApp

Whatsapp Messenger : WhatsApp an instant messages exchanging application that is globally popular due to its “free messaging service” and easy to use features.

But did you know it was initially made while keeping in mind just the Apple App store?

Journey Of WhatsApp

Here, Begins the Journey of Whatsapp

Well, this article covers the journey of WhatsApp.  How from an application it became a globally popular application.

WhatsApp is an instant messaging application that uses internet to exchange the messages. In WhatsApp  messages can be a text or any data files such as audio, video or a picture. You can even send voice note and do voice calling with the help of this application.

The Founders: WhatsApp founded by Jan Koum and Brian Acton. The application was named ‘WhatsApp’ by Jam Koum because according to him it sounded more like ‘What’s up’. It has an constant user number of 700 million users and the company which manages all this is located in Mountain view, California.

During the initial stages when Jan left his company and invested his time in making WhatsApp, For in the primary phase it kept crashing.

He almost lost hope for making it to other interfaces, but then Brian Acton encouraged him, came up with the sponsorships, good learned people and we can see the results now. After all, where there is a will there is a way.

The Messaging App

In the WhatsApp version 2.0 every time a user would change his Whatsapp status the entire contacts in his network would receive a notification about it. The idea of pop notification was inspired from Apple.  As soon as the WhatsApp was launched, its user bumped up to directly 25,000 in a small span of time while it was only for Apple. In order to avoid traffic it was quickly changed to a paid facility to avoid the primary cost which was used in sending verification texts to user. Later, when it made in the top 20 of Apple US app store its popularity was at boom.

After being available on Apple app store, it was made available on BlackBerry in a time span  2 months. With time new features were added in WhatsApp.  Previously only a picture could be shared.  Then time changed and Whatsappp became a stage of sharing audios and video. An after giving voice note features WhatsApp recently added one more star in its features by providing voice calling.

And WhatsApp is not only limited to smartphones. In the late January 2015 WhatsApp was made available for web browsers. Even the web application requires an internet connection for its functioning.

The Milestones of Whatsapp:

In early January 2015, WhatsApp reached a new milestone with more than 700 million monthly active users and 300 million messages being exchanged on a daily basis.

And WhatsApp is now acquired by Facebook. The deal was signed for U.S. $19 million.

Whatsapp is increasing the user experience day by day for sure and making people yet more addictive!

Happy Whatsapp’ing!