Creative Wet Room Designs For Odd Spaces

A wet room, in its simplest form, is a completely watertight room that has a shower in it.

Jim Gibson from is passionate about the wide range of designs that are available. Some wet rooms have shower trays and screens. However, many do not have any kind of cubicle or enclosure. Instead, they are fully watertight and completely open.

A wet room that doesn’t have an enclosure or tray has the advantage of being flexible, so that it can be used with unusually shaped or small spaces. It can fit with even very awkward angles because of not needing to conform to any certain structure.

A wet room doesn’t have any required maximum of minimum size. This means that otherwise unusable areas can be used for this purpose. Wet rooms can be built for loft conversions or under stair cupboards.

Wet Room Benefits

Wet rooms are very easy to maintain and clean. They are also very convenient. For individuals with mobility problems, they offer a great solution. For children, they also provide straightforward access. A wet room can also add value to one’s home. However, that doesn’t take into account having to remove a bath.

Wet rooms can be as spacious or as compact as you want them to be. You can also make a wet room out of a large bathroom, complete with toilet, basin and shower. It isn’t a good idea to make a wet room out of a small bathroom, because everything will get wet, including the toilet roll and towels.

A wet room’s main advantage is that you can maximize the space in an area that is too impractical to use for creating a whole second bathroom. Instead of attempting to use a cramped space to fit all of the bathroom components into, it is better to focus on making a luxurious and comfortable shower room.

Call The Professionals In

The main priority when building a wet room is to ensure that the environment is fully watertight.

Wall and floor tiles need to be properly grouted. However, this still will not make them fully watertight. You also need to apply a tanking system underneath the tiles. You can approach this in several ways. If you lay membrane down before you tile, it will integrate the floor and walls. This makes a continual water-resistant layer. Another option is to tile and seal a sunken, concealed tray.

You should hire professionals to design and install your wet room. The wet room floor needs to have a subtle style with a gradient that will channel water so that it drains away. Another thing that needs to be taken into account is ventilation. It is critical to have extractor fans to prevent mildew from forming and to reduce humidity.

Wet Room Designs That Are Sleek And Stylish

There is a natural contemporary feel to a wet room due to the open and streamlined plan design. When you are selecting your tiles, keep this in mind. Another thing to remember is that numerous sins can be covered by tile. Ignore how your walls look now. Instead, imagine what they will look like when they are tiled all the way from the floor to the ceiling.

There are numerous different kinds of tiles for you to choose from for your wet room. You can use porcelain, ceramic or glass tiles to provide you with virtually any look and style, everything from recreating a Grecian temple to an impressive Mediterranean mosaic pattern. The tiles should not only look good, but be slip-resistant as well.

One popular choice that never goes out of style and provides you with an elegant and classic appearance is natural stone. Another important benefit that natural stone provides is it comes with a riven texture. This offers surface grip. The most crucial element in your wet room design are the tiles, especially since they are usually used throughout the entire room.

To summarize, wet rooms are ideal for converting an odd-shaped space into a feature that is both stylish and practical. They will add value to your property and also transform a shower that is merely functional into an experience that is pure luxury.

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