HVAC Tips For The Cooling Season

Having a professional technician check out your HVAC system is critical before the cooling season. Last year’s issues can leak over into this year’s summer and early fall if you aren’t vigilant. From overworked systems, poor ventilation due to debris blocking vents and simple lack of maintenance you may be looking at a heavy investment if your system needs a major overhaul. Avoid any big issue by having regular maintenance performed by a skilled HVAC professional. Speak to the pros to get the job done right and in a timely fashion.

Think long term versus short term. A small investment now helps you avoid a large, painful investment when your HVAC unit needs major repairs.

Clean the Filter

Make sure to clean your air filter monthly. Replace the filter if the old filter is worn out from debris and overuse. Go with electrostatic filters for the best choice if you need to replace the filter. Never allow your unit to run after you remove the filter as this can damage your air conditioner. Clean the filter according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Don’t wing it. If you need to clean the filter with soap and water let it dry before placing inside your HVAC unit. Just a tiny bit of cleaning can help your unit run efficiently. Save on energy bills and keep the cool breeze flowing inside of your home. Clean your filters regularly.

Consult Professionals

Professional HVAC technicians can keep your unit humming during brutally hot months. Beating the heat may be more about speaking to the right people versus trying to do it by yourself. Experienced repair specialists can spot problems that your untrained eyes miss. Don’t be in a hurry to do everything by yourself as this can be a costly mistake in the long run. Hire someone to do the leg work for you. Give yourself peace of mind. Consult professionals to handle repair and maintenance work outside of your skill set.

Search both offline and online for specialists. Get in touch with friends and co-workers who’ve used heating and air conditioning experts in the past. Were they happy with the level of service? If you feel good about a trusted friend’s experience you can confidently move forward with the company.

Use the internet to broaden your search. Visit search engines, blogs, social media communities and business websites to expand your list of potential technicians. Patiently read niche specific forums for fair and honest reviews. Tap into the experience of other customers to leverage your knowledge. Ask around on social media sites to find out if a local company is a good fit for your needs.

Use Shade

Shade can protect an outdoor unit and can also help it run efficiently. Have the unit installed in a shady area or plant vegetation around your HVAC unit to keep it cool. Minimize direct sunlight. Place less of a strain on the unit. Plant trees and shrubs to boost your energy efficiency and to lower your cooling bills.