How To Make A Birthday Party Candy Buffet

Celebrating a special event such as a birthday can be joyous and memorable. Many parents search for unique and creative ways to celebrate their child’s birthday to make their special day even more special.
Incorporating fun themes into the party’s decor and dining options is an excellent way to showcase their child’s personality. A candy buffet is a popular choice for children today because of how fun and colorful it can be.
Many parents are allowing their kids to have their dream realized by offering an all you can eat feast on candy! By following a few easy steps, parents can create a beautiful candy buffet that not only matches the party’s theme, but also matches their child’s unique style!

Variety of Tasty Treats

From hard candies to candy bars, jelly beans and lollipops, there are millions of different candies. There is nothing more boring than a bowl of basic M&M’s, especially at a children’s birthday party.
A candy buffet has to be exactly that: a buffet using bowls, plates, candy dishes, and buffet servers to incorporate an infinite variety of candy.
There should be multiple types of tasty treats in each section of the buffet and it is best to not use the same type of candy bars. A large tray full of Twix, Snickers, Kit Kats, and Hershey chocolate bars can all be in one compartment. The next section of the candy buffet can include a massive selection of jelly beans.
While type is important, there should be a few options available for each category. Variety is fun and offers guests the best of each candy world!

Color is King

While most birthday parties have some sort of theme, a few choice colors are usually added into the decor, too. Children love having specific characters at their birthday parties. By being creative and thinking outside the box, parents can choose candy for the buffet that is representative of those famous characters.
For example, a young child that is having a Barbie themed party would want lots of pinks and purples. There are many candy types that can be purchased in pink and purple such as hard candies, lollipops, and even candy bars wrapped up with Barbie themed wrapping paper.
On the other hand, for basic birthday parties that do not have any particular theme, choose a different color for each and every piece of candy possible. The buffet can be set up to represent a rainbow.
Or, the serving dishes and plates can be arranged in a more chaotic way to showcase the enormous amounts of colored candies. Color represents fun so it is important to include it in any party theme!


A birthday party for a child is nothing without being creative and having lots of fun. Candy is something many children dream about because it is considered such a great treat. Parents that are searching for that one aspect to make their child’s birthday party truly memorable will surely succeed with a candy buffet.
Every child, both young and old, would love to have a unique candy buffet full of deliciously, colorful treats.

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