Hiring A Nanny In London. Could You Cope?

It’s a big ask. Moving to a new city where you don’t know anyone, missing your family support network and under pressure to start your new job – for even the toughest mother, these could be the ingredients for a maternal meltdown.

Any mum knows, if your kids aren’t happy, nothing works. Everything is wrong with the world. So, if you are planning on moving to the great city of London soon, and you need reliable childcare, make ‘Project Nanny Find’ top of the to-do list.

Finding a nanny in London is much like anywhere else – but on a bigger scale. There is also a lot of competition for the best nannies available because high earners can afford to pay top salaries for quality staff. The trick is to get stuck in early so you have adequate time to secure the services of the ideal candidate – rushing to fill the post of nanny to your precious little ones is not a good idea.

Going it alone on ‘Project Nanny Find’ will take heaps of energy and time – if you have both of those in abundance you can advertise for a nanny, do some serious vetting of candidates and set up lots of interviews. It is isn’t for the faint hearted, but it can be done – although it may take longer than you anticipate to find ‘the one.’

If you are already coming out in hives thinking about the mammoth task ahead, stop worrying now. There is an easier, more efficient and ultimately successful alternative. There are wonderful people out there who can support you in your nanny hunt. All you have to do is find the best London Nanny Agency for your needs, and let them take up some of the slack. Tell them what you are searching for in a nanny and they can start putting their feelers out.

Feeling a Little Calmer Now?

It is important to remember when working with a London Nanny Agency to be clear about your expectations. Effectively communicating in detail the way you expect your children to be cared for, will not only save time on weeding out unsuitable candidates, but significantly raises the chances of a happy outcome for all parties.

Professional nanny agencies will save you time by targeting the ideal candidates for your family’s unique needs. Agencies are able to ask the questions that you may feel awkward about and of course they can ensure all the necessary CRB and police checks are made as well as the verification of references and qualifications. And even when a nanny seems so totally perfect for the role, for whatever reason, things may not work out. Using an agency in such situations is a Godsend as it provides a buffer between employer and employee. It is usual for nannies to be employed on a trial basis at first – this makes sense for both sides as there are no guarantees nanny or family will be comfortable with the new set up.

Many agencies offer a range of services so ask plenty of questions to make sure you find the best arrangement for you. Nannies can be live in or live out, they can be part or full time – it is increasingly popular for nannies to be shared by families and this has knock on benefits for children, nannies and employers – kids make more friends, nannies earn a higher wage but employers split the fee. Many agencies will also be able to arrange specially structured timetables that fit in with busy work schedules such as before and after school care, regular babysitting and even the services of maternity nurses for extra support at home following the arrival of a baby.

So the answer to the question at the top of the page is a resounding ‘Yes, you could cope!’ Hiring a nanny in London is quite a challenge, but not beyond your considerable abilities. And the smartest parents know when it is wise to delegate certain responsibilities to others – in the case of finding a nanny, using agencies is by far the simplest way forward. Of course, you always have the final word on the childcare of your children, but an agency will be able to swiftly assemble and assess a range of great candidates from which you can select. Let them do their job, so that you can get on and do yours.

Hopefully, now you will be anticipating that imminent move to London with less trepidation. It will be fine. There are some great childcare professionals waiting in the capital to nurture and safeguard your precious children, leaving you guilt-free and focused to attack your new job. Reckon you could cope with that?