Nikon D7100 Review: What Should You Know?

I have been into the act of writing about photography and cameras for more than five years. I can assure you that I have enough experience to review the all new Nikon D7100. Here is why you should buy a Nikon D7100 camera:

Product Description

Are you tired of searching for a digital SLR camera that meets all your requirements? You can relax now because Nikon D7100 is the product which will fulfill all your needs. I do agree that it is a bit expensive but, the exclusive features that it offers, compensates the price.
Trust me, if you are in search of a top quality product with the recent specifications, go for it and you will never regret.

Product Overview

I have myself done a detailed survey on the exclusive features of this upgraded version of Nikon, i.e. Nikon D7100. And here are few of the things I simply loved about this product:

  1. It offers a 24.1 MP camera with CMOS sensor of DX-format.
  2. It has an Expeed 3 processor that allows it to handle multiple tasks at an exceptional speed; at the same time maintaining a high quality image.
  3. 3.2” high resolution LCD screen of the camera is incredible.
  4. Full-time autofocus with a highly precise RGB sensor is a good feature too.
  5. 6 fps continuous shooting along with high quality HD recording is desired.
  6. It has a wireless sharing feature.
  7. Dual card slot is very helpful too.

The extensive number of upgraded features of Nikon D7100 helps it to maintain a top position in the lists of all popular websites.  Those who have used it are really proud to own such a product. Most users are happy with the Expeed processor. This is very helpful if you do photography professionally.
Additionally, the CMOS sensor is very sophisticated and apt too. And this positive feedback is reflected in the comments and reviews of these users too.


  • Excellent quality pictures with a 1.3x mode of cropping.
  • In-built sockets of stereo microphones and headphones.
  • 51-point autofocus system.
  • Sealed body which prevents moisture and dust.


  • Accessories for GPS and Wi-Fi have to be purchased additionally.

From where can you Buy Nikon D7100?

Since the product has been highly priced at $1500, so what I feel is we should look for lucrative offers and good deals on different sites while purchasing one.
So if you have already made up your mind to purchase a Nikon D7100, then you should immediately place the order on a reputed website. The most attractive offer price at this moment is $1020, and to top it you also get a high quality Nikon lens of your choice absolutely free!

Is it Legitimate?

Ultimately we can see that the product is a good package not only for the general users but it has proved to be a blessing for professionals too. The product is genuine and 100% worthwhile. I would definitely recommend it.
Nikon D7100 Review Conclusion
To wrap it up I would say, if you are serious about photography then Nikon D7100 is worth the price.
My name is Mike .Like any other photographer who pursues art, I try to bring something personal to every photo I take. I am still learning a lot about photography every day, but as much as I discover through this discipline