Fed Up With Your Glasses? Changing Up Your Style

Fed Up With Your Glasses? Changing Up Your Style

Even those that think they are fine with glasses may find themselves fed up with the hassle of wearing them and maintaining them. It is also easy to lose them. Here are some ways to deal with eyeglass frustration.

Are you Wearing the Right Shape for your Face?

 If you are unhappy with how you look in glasses, it may be that you are simply wearing an unflattering shape. It is easy to get in a hurry when picking out glasses. Taking a little extra time to determine what looks best on you before you buy can mean a lot when it comes to your satisfaction. Those with a strong jawline and a more square-shaped head want to go with glasses that are not square. Oval-shaped facial types are lucky because they can wear just about any shape of glasses. Even if you order glasses online, you can usually upload a photo and try out glasses virtually.

Fed Up With Your Glasses? Changing Up Your Style

Wearing the Same Pair can be Boring

Wearing the same pair of glasses can get dull and monotonous. Glasses are inexpensive enough with today’s manufacturing methods that you can have a number of different pairs. This can lead to a more satisfying and stylish experience. If you have a favorite suit, then why not have a pair of glasses that match it? Wearing the same pair of glasses for a long period of time will result in them not being in the best condition. Having more than one pair spreads the wear and tear out. If you find that you are switching between regular glasses and sunglasses a lot, then you might consider transitional lenses so that you can reduce eye strain and increase your comfort level.

Modern Alternatives

The field of eye health has come a long way over the last decade. Through Lasik eye surgery, many people have been able to restore their vision with little pain and no lost work time in many cases. While Lasik has a higher upfront cost than getting an eye exam and glasses, it can be a lot cheaper and more convenient in the long term. If you are looking for a Lasik vision practice in Jacksonville, then you should contact Florida Eye Specialists. Their dedicated team will assess your vision issues and determine if Lasik is a good treatment option for you.

Contact lenses are a non-surgical alternative to glasses. The cost of using contact lenses depends on many factors, such as what type of contacts you need, how long they last, and the solutions and cleaners you need for good eye health and lens maintenance.

Caring for your Vision Impacts your Style and Health

 Proper care of your vision is important for your health and ensures that you can perform everyday tasks safely. Vision health impacts your style because there is nothing stylish about not being able to see well. With the many different treatment options available, there is no excuse for letting vision problems rule your life.