Sliding Patio Door Panels Provide Shade With Natural Materials

Vertical Patio Door Shades

Vertical patio door shades add contemporary style and privacy to your home. New styles made from the finest fabrics and natural materials, such as wood and bamboo, make up today’s window and door treatments. A vast mixture of textiles and natural materials offer fresh styles to choose for any budget. Use patio door shades as a substitute to vertical blinds on bigger windows or even use as a general space partition. Each pane glides on its own wheel for easy maneuvering. Levelor offers a complete assortment of fashions and colors to fit any interior decorating theme. Cleaning Levelor natural fabric panels is a breeze. Simply use a hand-held vacuum to remove dust and debris from fabric.

Natural Wood Vertical Patio Door Blinds

Natural wood valence options convey tradition and warmth. The Levelor wooden cornice selection creates a classic look to your patio door blinds. Levelor uses only quality hard wood to produce its wooden cornice. Match the furnishings in the home with wooden patio door shades available in several distinct furniture style finishes. Available choices include chestnut, golden oak, dover, sand n beach, white, pecan, and unfinished wood. Dust wood patio door shades using the same cleaner, such as Pledge wipes to clean and protect wooden furniture.

Choose a Type of Panel-track Draw

Choose from two types of draws, the one-way draw and the split draw. One-way draw slides vertical patio door shades along the track at the top from one side to the other to open the blinds. Split draw styles open in the middle allowing the blinds to reveal the patio door, leaving shades on either side. There are limitations for the minimum and maximum width and height based on these two types. Levelor one-way draw minimum width is 48 inches and maximum width is 150 inches, and the minimum height is 12 inches and the maximum height is 144 inches. The split draw minimum width is 70 inches and maximum width is 192 inches, and the minimum height is 12 inches and the maximum height for split draw is 144 inches.

Patio Door Shades by Bali

Buy patio door shades by Bali for light filtering styles that allow some sunlight into the home. Bali’s panel attachment shrinks the light opening connecting the panels, and firmly holds weighty materials. Woven textiles in bamboo and reed add character to any home. Using similar natural materials, Bali weaves many different and interesting patterns to make several different collections including the simple Caracas, the intricate Fernando and the new Valera. Each comes in a wide variety of colors like chocolate, tortoise, chestnut, honey, whitewash, cherry and natural. Material styles are all natural like bamboo reed, slit bamboo, grass rope and jute rope.

Measurement Restrictions

Bali natural patio door shades online have restrictions for the width and height for one-way or split draw opening type. Bali one-way draw minimum width is 22 inches and maximum width is 192 inches, and the split draw minimum width is 60 inches and maximum width is 192 inches. The minimum height is 20 inches and the maximum height is 144 inches for both Bali one-way and split draw blind styles.

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