Financial Female Inspirations

Females are definitely starting to close the gap in income that they have been subject to for so many years. In today’s world, it is possible for women to accumulate a lot of wealth even at a young age if they have a great business idea. Here are some financial female inspirations to consider.

 Jennifer Douglas Abubakar

 Jennifer’s list of accomplishments are many. She was recently called to the bar and has been enjoying a successful career as a lawyer in Africa. Jennifer is the founder of the world-famous Gede Foundation, which works to treat and prevent HIV/AIDS in Nigeria. Jennifer Douglas Abubakar has been successful in raising millions of dollars to fight this devastating disease. In Africa, victims of the virus are often too ashamed to seek treatment and counselling. The Gede Foundation is making great strides to break down these social barriers so that more people can live productive lives.

Financial Female Inspirations

 Arianna Huffington

 Many people know Arianna Huffington as the powerhouse behind the legendary Huffington Post. She is also the author of many books and has appeared on a variety of talk shows and television shows. She sold the Huffington Post to Time Warner for a great profit and continues to have a successful career in television, publishing, and journalism.

 Zhang Xin

 Zhang is co-owner and founder of SOHO China. The company is a large property developer in China that works to create innovative buildings and property development that is suitable for China’s emerging economy. As one of the largest developers, Zhang has risen to a top income bracket on a worldwide scale.

 Elizabeth Holmes

 Elizabeth was inspired to create her company Theranos so that better and less-expensive blood tests could be available to catch diseases early. Her system tests just a small amount of blood at a fraction of the cost of other tests and can be used to detect up to 70 different diseases. Her success has helped a lot of people and made her a very wealthy woman.

 Diane von Furstenberg

 Diane is known for her great fashions, which have been worn by many different celebrities and even Michelle Obama. Her wrap dress is perhaps one of her most famous garments. She also contributes to many charitable organizations in conjunction with her husband Barry Diller.

 Pursuing your Dreams and Helping Others

 You might have noticed that all of the women on this list have one thing in common. Every woman on the list was not afraid to pursue their hopes and dreams. Inspiration is one thing and hard work is another. These women personify what it means to be determined to achieve great things. All of them also make an effort to give back to those that are less fortunate. It is important to not forget the hardships of others once one achieves success. Today’s young girls should look to these successful women when they need guidance and strong role models. The sky is the limit when a young girl has determination and a good support network.