How To Prepare Your Home And Windows For The Next Big Storm

With storms such as Hurricane Katrina several years ago and Hurricane Sandy merely a month ago, people are already nervous for when the next big storm will hit. Individuals are now aware that they need to stock up on canned goods and fill their cars up with gas. However, what can the general public to do to protect their home and windows for a storm?

To Tape or Not To Tape

The debate over whether to tape windows or not to tape windows has been a bit of a controversy in the past few years. Some say that the tape helps the windows from breaking into a million little pieces. However, others say that the tape will actually cause larger shards to fly into the house. These could potentially injure or kill people or pets in the house. The best scenario would be to stay away from all of the windows.

Replacement Windows and Screens

Having older windows is also a threat during such a huge storm. They are not as strong and sturdy as newer models. Therefore, consider having all new windows put into the house before a storm comes back to the area. Furthermore, while the windows are being replaced, have the screens made stronger as well. Pet screens, for example, will make the windows stronger against the weather, but they will also help the precious pets to stay safer year round. Replace the doors and storm doors too, so that none of these doors or windows are knocked down during a storm.

Trees on the Property

Trees are a serious threat around a house, especially when the trunk and branches are thick and long. They can come crashing into a house, not only breaking windows but killing all of those who are inside. Find a company to take those trees down now before it is too late. Even if the stump removal is too expensive, have the branches cut down. If a storm comes and the trees have not yet been removed, go to the lowest part of the house. Of course, if flooding and tree damage are both potential issues, evacuate to a shelter or the home of a loved one.

Stocking up on Goods

After these two major hurricanes, and other natural disasters, people realized that stores were closed for awhile and the stock available might not be fresh. Buy plenty of canned items or foods that can be grilled on a barbecue before the next big storm. Individuals must also have plenty of baby food, water and food and water for the pets. As mentioned earlier, be sure to fill the car up with gas. If power goes out, it could be days or weeks before the gas situation returns to normal.
Living through a massive storm is so scary, and hopefully, many people will not have to experience the detrimental effects of such a storm. However, it is always best to be prepared in case the worse does happen in the local area.
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