Top Mobiles For Gaming In 2014

If there is one thing that has led to a huge rise in gaming on mobile phones it is the rise of the Android operating system developed by Google. This has led the majority of mobile manufacturers to adopt the system as standard, ensuring it is much easier for the manufacturers of different types of games to reach a wide customer base. With just Android and the Apple iOS in the market now, 2014 is expected to be another great year for gaming mobiles, with the iPhone 5C, Galaxy Note 3, the Nexus 5 and the LG G2 amongst the best ones for gaming right now.

The Galaxy Note 3, which is from Samsung, is a phone that will allow you to play any game you want. From mobile casino sites like JackpotCity to a role-playing or adventure game. This is thanks to powerful GPU (an Adreno 330), and quad-core processor with 2.3Ghz (the Krait 400). These ensure the phone is both fast and potent, while you can install as many games as you want on it -–as the 64gb storage means you won’t run out of space. It is definitely rivalled by the Nexus 5 from Google though, which features the latest update of Android (4.4) and impressive pixel density (445ppi), plus HD display. This ensures it is one of the most pleasing phones to game on, from a visual point of view, at a time when all games from mobile casino ones to RPGs seem to be improving their levels of detail and realism all the time.

The LG G2 is another fine Android phone though, and is probably the best if capturing all the graphics with total clarity is your priority – with the True HD-IPS+LCD touchscreen and Adreno 330 graphics processor. However it should be remembered that Apple is also still in the mobile gaming market, and the iPhone 5C is a serious rival to the Android phones. The resolution and pixel density are both lower, so realistically the visuals aren’t as sharp, but the App Store still has the widest selection of games – from casino ones to RPGs – so it’s the gaming jackpot if you want the best choice.