6 Clever Ways to Use Text Messaging In Your Business

6 Clever Ways to Use Text Messaging In Your Business

Digital communication is becoming a popular mode of communication in an office. However, that doesn’t mean that you should let go of other communication means, such as text messaging.

Text messages adapted pretty well as a way for businesses to communicate with everyone. With that said, here are six creative ways you can use text messages in your business:

Deliver Customer Service 

One of the most significant reasons to use text in your business is it’s instant and convenient.

Many people have smartphones nowadays. This means that your customer base will likely be able to communicate with you through texts.

When they have concerns regarding your business, you want your response to be instant. Emotions can escalate the longer they wait, but with the help of an instant response, like ones through text, you can avoid a problem.

Although calls are a common way to deliver customer service, some people don’t want to commit to a call. If you can solve an issue through texts alone, that would save many people’s time and energy.

Provide Tech Support and Expert Escalation 

You might think that text messages are insufficient for providing more in-depth and expert support for customers. However, this doesn’t have to be the case at all. You can easily automate even tech and specialist support and escalation through texts.

Again, when you do it through texts, you’ll be able to finish it a lot faster and easier than through calls. If you even use software such as an SMS platform, you can set up auto-responses.

If customers experience frequent technical issues, you can set up that auto-response, so the queries are automatic. When the auto-responses that you’ve set up are no longer enough, that’s when you can get them in direct contact with a representative.

Field Product/Service Inquiries 

Before potential customers turn into actual paying customers, they’ll have several questions.

It might seem like this is the thousandth time that someone has asked the problems they’re asking now to you or your employee. That’s why impatience can sometimes come out of your responses.

However, to your customers, this is the first time that they’re interacting with you.

With the help of auto-responders for your texts, though, you won’t have to worry about answering these service or product inquiries.

Plus, you’re also able to respond fast to a potential customer and won’t have to use energy to entertain someone you aren’t even sure would be a paying customer.

Facilitate Internal Team Collaboration 

There’s nothing that will make your team or staff members feel less like a part of your business than finding out they don’t know what’s going on in the business.

Poor communication is often the point of contention between personal and professional relationships. That’s why you should make it a priority to communicate with your team.

If there are any relevant updates or changes that your team needs to know, you can let them know straight away with text messages.

When notifying your team, make sure that you’re sending the right information to the right people. If you’re mass-sending them to everyone on the team, you might overwhelm them.

That’s why you should only text them when you know the information is something relevant to them.

Foster Customer Relationships

Besides improving the relationships between you and your team, you can also use text to foster customer relationships.

Many people prefer texting to other forms of communication. If you communicate with customers through texts, it’s more uncomplicated and more comfortable for you and them.

You can send them updates, notify them of any relevant product or service information, and everything else.

Streamline Intra-Store Communication 

If you have businesses in multiple locations, it cannot be easy to coordinate communication between your stores. However, using text messages is sufficient in streamlining your business’s intra-store communication.

Text messaging makes for faster responses so that you can get as real-time information as possible between your stores. For example, if you want to ask whether one store has a supply for a particular item, a simple text will help you ask the question and get an answer.

Text messaging is a versatile tool for many businesses if they know how to work with it. Hopefully, with the help of this article, you, too, can make the most out of your texts. From communication to clients or your team, you’re sure to find a way to get benefits from your text messages.