The Smallest Refridgerator In The World: Just The Thing To Keep Your Nano-Beers Cold

The Smallest Refridgerator In The World: Just The Thing To Keep Your Nano-Beers Cold

In great news for people who don’t have a great deal of space to dedicate to an extra fridge to keep your beers chilled, theoretical physicists Chris van den Broeck and Ryoichi Kawai believe that they have invented the worlds smallest fridge.

Smallest Fridge Needs A Tiny Beer!

Unfortunately, this nanoscopic fridge is no good for anybody who wishes to keep anything much larger than a few molecules warm. The premise behind the refrigerator relies on brownian motion, the effect which describes the way in which smoke moves, using a tiny paddle to cool a set of molecules by drawing their heat into a different place.
Until our beer is delivered on a molecular level, and provided to us via nano machines, we will need to work with traditionally sized fridges to chill our beer. As more and more of us are choosing to buy our beer from supermarkets  and off licences rather than in the pub, the use of beer and drink fridges to keep beverages nice and chilled is set to rise in a similar way. According to The Independent, it is down to the twin reasons of people feeling more comfortable at home rather than going out, and the fact that going to the pub is far more expensive than buying your alcohol elsewhere is causing people to shun the old drinking patterns.

What to Look for in a Drinks Fridge

As with any fridge, finding an appliance which has a high energy efficiency level is important. Given the fact that fridges are usually switched on all of the time, the more efficient it is, the less money it will take to run, which is somewhat more important than in other, more occasionally used, appliances. Similarly, the size of the drinks fridge is important. Too small, and you are unlikely to be able to fit a lot more than a couple of cans inside your new fridge, while if it is too large, the chances of it fitting into the intended space are reduced. Striking a happy medium, and getting a fridge which both fits in the intended space while having room for as many drinks as you would like on the inside.

To look at the various options available to you when choosing the drinks fridge that will suit your needs, look at websites such as to help inform your choice.

The weight of your miniature drinks fridge is somewhat more important than that of your main food appliance, thanks to the fact that you are more likely to move a beer fridge around the house depending on the occasion which you are hosting. A boys’ night in located in the basement to watch the match would benefit from the fridge being placed there for the night, while a barbecue would benefit from your drinks fridge being as close to the garden as possible to limit the distance people have to travel to get refreshments.