Alternative Supplements To Treat Anxiety

Alternative Supplements To Treat Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are common problems today faced by almost every age group whether you are a student or a working professional or a business owner or even a home maker. And with the modern lifestyle and fast paced life it is becoming a common problem that slows down your work progresses because of all the negative feelings. In fact stress and anxiety are associated with depression also which is a serious problem that affects a person emotionally and mentally. Anxiety disorder is when you suffer from panic attacks, unrelenting worries or unrealistic worries; obsessive thoughts, incapacitating phobia, etc.

Alternative Supplements To Treat Anxiety

Why is cognitive therapy one of the best means of relieving stress and anxiety?

Cognitive enhancement therapy for relieving anxiety is the best means of treating anxiety related problems. This is the most effective approach as it is known to treat you more than just the symptoms unlike other anxiety therapies. This therapy helps you to fight anxiety from the core where you face the issues that lead to anxiety and learn to relax and look at the issues in a new light in a less intimidating way. It also helps you to cope up and improvise on your problem solving skills. Cognitive enhancement therapy helps you to overcome anxiety and to conquer your fear and thus give it a thought is one of you best options if you are suffering from any anxiety related disorders that are affecting your life and career.

Studies have shown that social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, phobias, panic disorders, etc are treated by employing cognitive therapy. This therapy involves examining the negative thoughts or cognitions that are the main contributors of anxiety. The basis of the theory depends on the fact that only our thoughts are responsible for our anxiety and fears and not external events. In layman’s language it is your perception of the situation that causes anxiety and not the situation that determines it.

Have strong relationships:A poor lifestyle or always living in isolation will not better the situation.One of a major cause of depression or social anxiety is a poor relationship history. So try and work to have strong relationship with your friends and family, who can support you and guide e you in tough times.

Cognitive enhancement therapy and alternative supplements to relieve anxiety

Certain synthetic supplements that act as neuroprotectors are a good alternative treatment for anxiety. Phenibut for instance is one such supplement that is known to relieve stress and anxiety along with boosting memory and enhancing mood. It is also known to help you focus on the task. Dosage and the time interval a person takes it are very important. Though Phenibut is not addictive, its dosage and frequency of usage must be limited to only when the need arises like when you feel very anxious or unable to concentrate on a given task. Using such supplements like Phenibut alongside the cognitive enhancement therapy is known to be very effective in relieving you from anxiety and depression.