5 Reasons Why Your House Will Get Broken Into

5 Reasons Why Your House Will Get Broken Into

All too often homes are broken into because of an access point that a thief sees as a welcoming mat. Do yourself a favor and read this list of why your home might be broken into. You might be surprised at what you can do to prevent a theft.

Too Trusting

You may live in a “Pleasantville” type of neighborhood and you may know all of your neighbors, but that does not mean that your house is safe from thieves. In fact your house might be a greater because of those things that I just listed.

A lot of homes that are robbed aren’t necessarily broken into. Sometimes the door is left unlocked for them so that they don’t have to break in. Don’t leave your door unlocked just because you live in a good neighborhood with good neighbors. Thieves prey on naivety and they understand this type of thinking.

Security Gate

Some homes are just too inviting. The best way to combat this is by investing in a security gate. Security gates are big automated gates that seal off your driveway and make your home feel like a fortress. They can be a huge deterrent to thieves and they look amazing!

That’s a Little Obvious…

The key hidden under the fake rock is the oldest trick in the book next to the key under the mat. I have locked myself out of my house on many occasions, nothing can be more frustrating, but you need to be clever if you are going to keep an extra key around for those times when you lock yourself out.

Solution: At most automotive stores you can find a small magnetic box that you can stick under your car. The little box is for storing a spare key. You can leave a home or extra car key in there. Don’t leave a spare house key in the car because if your car is locked and then your house is locked, well you get the picture.

Privacy Fence

Don’t let the world in on all the cool stuff you own. A lot of times homes are robbed by people who are in the same neighborhood. A neighbor may see your shiny new toy and get jealous. I suggest investing in a privacy fence about 8ft high. This will ensure that no one can see into your backyard and get any ideas.

Tip: Stop bragging about what you have and get a privacy fence!

Your “Cujo” is More Like a “Goofy”

Like most people you probably thought that getting a dog would be the best security device ever, but unfortunately he is more likely to lick the hand of any intruder. You shouldn’t count on a dog to keep your home secure unless he is trained to do so, or unless he is not trained and bites everyone and everything. In that situation you have a whole different type of problem!

Tip: Invest in a loud parrot and teach him/her some words like, “Get out!”

Henry Hernandez is a writer, veteran and father. Henry works with a fence company out of Dallas http://www.dallasfencepros.com/. Henry can be found on Google+.