5 Christmas Hamper Items

5 Christmas Hamper Items

These 5 things are a must in your Christmas hamper. In a lot of hampers, we see these major 5 things that reappear a lot and are similar in many baskets. So, if you are not including them in your hamper, then there is something wrong! The safest and best hamper idea is to add all of them together for a sweet and amazing gift basket.

5 Christmas Hamper Items

Here are the Items:

  1. Chocolates –

Though chocolates are a must in almost every hamper yet it is compulsion in a Christmas hamper. You can make chocolates at home, or buy a small, large, medium pack of them. But you should always include any chocolates in a Christmas hamper. They are a useful gift item during festivals and what better festival than Christmas to make some chocolate hampers?

  1. Liquor –

Most people put wine so sticking to wine is a good option otherwise; you can add some exotic liquor bottle or miniature bottles with a small Christmas message in the hamper. Wine is an ideal gift for almost every occasion. So why not put it in the hamper?

  1. Gingerbread cookies –

Is Christmas ever complete without gingerbread cookies? You can create these cookies or gingerbread man at home in a simple and easy. And if you do not make it at home then there isn’t any bakery that will not have these during the festive season. With addition of gingerbread cookies, the hamper is a complete Christmas hamper. You cannot miss out on this item.

  1. Cheese –

Yes, cheese is another food item you need to include in the Christmas hamper. You can pick any form of cheese, any type of cheese and any size. It doesn’t matter what the cheese or how big or what shaped it is. The important thing is to make it a part of the gift basket. You can also include these four together with the last item.

  1. A festive gift

Anything related to the festival. By this we mean, you can top up the hamper with a Santa Claus cap or any other gift related to Christmas. You can also place a large card in the basket with the rest of the gifts. A small token of love representing the auspicious festival is an ethnic and sweet idea. You want to keep the Christmas spirit alive in your hamper basket and that’s why we suggest you to buy a festive gift item to complete the hamper.

Once you have your gifts, it is needless to say that the basket needs to be decorated in the festive way too. So, when you send Christmas gift baskets make sure you double check all the items and adorn it well. Other than these items, you can add others too if you want. So once you are ready to make gift baskets for Christmas, collect one of these items or all of them to make it perfect! Spread extra joy and love during Christmas and make your loved ones happy.