4 Shopping Tips For Men’s Clothing

Are you excited to buy some new gear? Before you grab your credit card and bolt out of the door, keep these 4 simple tips in mind. Doing just a little bit of preparation goes a long way when it comes to expanding your wardrobe.

Work off of Catalogs

If you’re like most guys putting together an outfit may turn into a long project. Unless you have an eye for fashion don’t make things so hard on yourself. Pick up a few men’s fashion catalogs to work off of these blueprints. Let the pros guide you. No need to reinvent yourself or your less than enthusiastic view of fashion. Catalogs tell you what to wear and how to wear it. Carefully observe what goes together and what seems to clash. Pull out pages with outfits which vibe with you. Do your shopping with your fashion compass in hand.


Avoid the high-water look by having your pants hemmed professionally.  Hemming your pants also prevents the raggedy frayed look that occurs when your pants scrape against the ground. Pay a small fee to have your pants hemmed. Find a tailor through the internet and stop by their shop. Try on your pants in front of the tailor for the best hem. You can also have jackets and long sleeved shirts hemmed.

Buy Clothes which Really Fit You

Neither the baggy or tight look flatters your physique. Super baggy clothes make you look heavier and super tight clothing makes you look like you shopped at the kid’s store. Try buying clothes that fit to complement your body type. A well-fitted plus size shirt and properly fitted pants look much better on a big dude versus buying clothes which are 3 sizes too large. Make sure your pants don’t reach the soles of your shoes when you are standing up straight. Your sleeves shouldn’t cover your hands at all if you’re trying on long sleeved shirts. Allow for some space under the cuff with short sleeved shirts. Pants should never bunch up in the crotch area unless you want to feel uncomfortable whenever you are in a seated position. Make sure your underwear never shows. This means no busting a sag!

Be Smart

Once you’ve found clothing you dig buy a few different colors to vary your wardrobe.  Make sure to sign up for email lists if you really like the clothes or style presented in a particular catalog. Stick to solid colors since prints are tough to mix and match. Keep it simple unless you’re willing to be daring. Never take off tags or throw out receipts until you’ve tried on clothing. Buy men’s clothing that both fits your physical dimensions and your personality. If you aren’t happy with either fit return the clothes with tags still on and with your receipt.  If you’re a bargain shopper you may find nice clothes on a clearance rack from time to time but in the end you’ll usually spot the best quality and style of clothing on other racks.