Pigeon Proofing Your Home

Pigeon Proofing Your Home
Most people would never consider birds to be pests. We enjoy watching their graceful flight through the sky or take pleasure in listening to their beautiful songs throughout the day. However, not all birds are enjoyable to have around the home. Some birds, like pigeons, can cause serious damage to the home and yard, which is why it is important to control the population.
Taking steps to control the pigeon population is very important to ensure that you have a safe and happy home. Pigeons can carry a variety of diseases like E. Coli and Salmonella, which can easily spread to humans. Having pigeons and their nests around can also lead to infestations of insects, fleas and ticks, which are drawn to the droppings in the nests. Pigeons can also do damage to the exteriors of buildings, because their droppings are very acidic and can cause brick and stonework to corrode.
Because of all these factors, investing in bird proofing systems is a very important step in being a homeowner. There are many different bird proofing systems on the market, so it is important to do the research about which system is the right choice for your household and the location of your home.
One option to consider is pigeon netting. This is a method that utilizes a system of nylon cords, which are stretched taunt across an area. These taunt wires keep birds from passing through and also protect alcoves, corners and ledges, where pigeons like the nest. Since the pigeons are discouraged from nesting, they will eventually learn to avoid an area, especially because the pigeon netting is also uncomfortable for them to land on. Pigeon netting is a viable option when bird proofing your home.
Another option to consider is pigeon spiking. While this option might sound extreme or painful for the pigeons, pigeon spiking is actually not overly harmful to the birds. This method involves fixing plastic or metal spikes to the sides of buildings and other places where pigeons like to land and roost. These spikes are very uncomfortable for pigeons to land on, so they quickly deter the birds from coming around. They can easily be seen by the pigeon, so they are usually deterred from landing before they even reach the spikes.
It is always important to seek the help of professional Stockport pest control companies when dealing with any pest problem. These companies will be sure to provide you with a professional opinion on the best system to use in your home.
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