4 Tips For Shedding Body Fat Quickly

If you’re ready to lose fat quickly use a one-two punch of diet and exercise. Working out regularly and eating healthy helps you to achieve a caloric deficit. Diligently maintain your caloric deficient to accelerate your fat loss quickly. By sticking to the fundamentals you can shed weight over the long haul.

Use these 4 tips to lose weight fast.

Cut Calories (but not too Quickly)

Cutting calories helps you lose stubborn fat but don’t reduce calories too quickly. Lowering caloric intake dramatically moves your body into starvation mode. If your body feels like its starving you’ll hold onto every ounce of fat possible. You may even gain a few pounds as your metabolism slows to a crawl. Consume 200 to 500 less calories than you normally do each day of the week. Stagger your caloric intake. For example, eat 1300 calories one day, 1000 calories the following day and 1500 calories the following day. Slowly taper off to trick your body into losing fat over the long haul.

Eat Nutritious Foods

Eat leafy greens, fresh fruits, healthy fats, lean proteins and go light on starchy carbs if you want to lose weight quickly. Chow down on foods like lettuce, spinach, apples and oranges, natural peanut butter, chicken breast and turkey breast to lose weight. Eat little starchy carbohydrates like oatmeal and whole wheat bread. Although starchy carbs are low calorie, wholesome foods you’ll gain significant water weight when consuming these carbs. Visit the grocery store once weekly to stock up your fridge with healthy, nutritious foods. Stay away from soft drinks, beer, donuts, pizza and other junk foods which offer you little but empty calories.

Do Cardio to Get Shredded

Run, walk or jog regularly to burn calories. Burning calories and reducing your caloric intake through dieting helps you to maintain a caloric deficit. Maintain your caloric deficit to lose body fat swiftly. Don’t overdo it or else your metabolism will stall. The secret is to steadily introduce exercise into your workout regimen. Do cardiovascular activity for 30 minutes daily 4 to 6 times per week to slowly ramp up your metabolic furnace. If you want to get creative try Muay Thai kickboxing, rollerblading or play a competitive sport like soccer or basketball to spice things up.

Working out can get boring even for seasoned, veteran athletes. Introduce new and exciting methods of cardio to remain inspired and to keep on burning fat. Vary your exercise routine to drop off those stubborn last few pounds for good.

Add Resistance Training for an Extra Kick

Are you bummed about that last 5 pounds you need to lose around your midsection? Complement your fat burning campaign with weight training to get over the hump. Adding a resistance training component to your cardiovascular exercise campaign boosts your metabolism. The synergistic effect of cardio and resistance training accelerates your fat loss quickly. Join a local gym. Hit the weights. Follow a workout regimen of high repetitions with light weights to develop a lean, mean physique. Do compound movements like squats, bench presses and dead lifts for a full body workout.