5 Tips To Stay Warm and Survive Winter

5 Tips To Stay Warm and Survive Winter


People differ in the way they approach the winter season. While others take this as an opportunity to visit warmer regions of the world such as Africa (South Africa, Kenya etc.), Costa Rica and Jamaica, majority have no option but to brave the weather probably due to their job demands or just cannot handle the expenses associated with touring other countries. For those who for one reason or another cannot leave their countries, below are 5 great tips to make sure that you stay warm and survive the winter.

Take Hot Beverage or Drinks

Hot drinks help you stay warm. Sip on hot toddies, hot cider and herbal teas. Personally, I prefer preparing an alcohol-free, caffeine-free homemade spicy cider to help me stay warm. It is very easy to prepare a cup this drink and costs very little. All you need is clean water, some carrots or apples and berries (my favorites are blueberries or cranberries). Slice some carrots or apples in a pot of water and then dip add in some berries of your choice.

After that, grate in fresh ginger and then sprinkle a substantial amount with cinnamon. Heat the mixture on low temperatures, cover it with a lid and you will be surprised with the outcome; a soothing beverage.

Steam Up or Take a Hot Shower

A lot of people tend to catch cold during the winter season. If you happen to be among them, steaming up or taking a hot shower is among the best natural remedies available to you. Turn on the furnace to heat up the house in addition to blasting the shower to burning hot to warm the shower stall. When it is nice and steamy enough, step in and thaw under the spray for a while or until you feel completely warm and melted. After that, dry off with a big fluffy towel and then wrap your body in a spa-bathrobe until you are downright dry and comfortable.

Wear a Hat

Scientifically, it has been proven that wearing a hat helps the body to retain up to 20% of its heat. You will have to bear with the fact that it might spoil your hair style, but it is a price you should be willing to pay to stay warm. Hence, ensure that your winter dressing style includes a headgear. A common misconception is that hats are only for outdoors. What most people do not know is that there are also indoor hats that can keep you feeling warm even in the coldest offices.

Cook! Cook! Cook!

It is common knowledge that the body uses the food you eat for two major purposes; keeping the body warm and for energy. The winter season is a good time to treat yourself with all your favorite foods. On the other hand, you may try out some new recipes you have always craved. Try preparing something decadent and spicy such as Thai Coconut Curry Soup. To prepare this you will require the coconut milk luscious creaminess, and then combine it with tender sliced chicken, lemongrass, spicy curry, lime leaves, and ginger.

Watch Tropical TV Shows

Relaxing to an episode of tropical TV shows such as HAWAII 5-0, SURVIVOR or BUYING HAWAII is a great way to keep yourself warm, as it gets you feeling happy, mellow and filled tropical paradise thoughts. At the same time, place your feet in a warm vibrating foot-soaker and you will almost fantasize the warm ocean water caressing your toes.