3 Tips To Tackle Your Pest Problem

3 Tips To Tackle Your Pest Problem

Nobody wants to deal with a pest problem. Whether you’re having family over for a morning brunch or friends are stopping by for a late night visit you will feel embarrassed knowing that a mouse or cockroach may pop out and introduce themselves at any time. In virtually all cases the problem doesn’t lie with the pests. You’re doing something to attract vermin into your home.

A pest doesn’t want to live around humans but if you aren’t cleaning your house regularly you may attract roaches and the like through the crumbs and other food stuffs you’re leaving on the floor. In the case of predators you’re attracting their prey. A scorpion wouldn’t normally find your home comfy cozy but the roaches which are attracted to your sloppy housekeeping find these critters good eating.

Get serious about keeping your home clean. Do whatever it takes to make your house less hospitable to termites, mice and rats to get rid of your pest problem once and for all. Use these tips to make your home pest free.

Keep it Clean

After finishing dinner do your dishes immediately. Even if you’re planning to soak the dishes in water you’re sending a loud and clear message to critters all around the neighborhood. Vermin are natural survivors. These guys do a wonderful job sniffing out the tiniest food particles. Your medley of grease, sauce and food particles mixed with your dishes is irresistible to most pests. Clean dishes in the sink or load up the dish washer after meals to keep your pest problem in check.

Sweep your floors daily and mop floors regularly to get rid of attractive food particles. Don’t wait to mop up a spill. Roaches and ants are drawn heavily these types of spills. Even if you are overdoing it on the cleaning side of things it makes sense compared to not cleaning enough and having a pest problem. Commit to keeping your home super clean to give vermin marching orders.

Be on the Lookout

How can you treat your home for termites? The first step is noting that you have a termite problem in the first place. Be on the lookout for signs of termite damage. Do you see a fine, sawdust like build up around your home? If so this can be indicative of a termite infestation. Check the exterior of your home too. Look at your foundation. Check for homes, cracks and other openings where termites are hard at work. Get rid of the problem by speaking to a licensed pest control professional. These folks know exactly how to nip a serious termite infestation in the bud.

Be Less Pest Friendly

Scorpions love hanging out in cool, moist places. This means your backyard woodpile is a welcome hangout spot during warm months. Either get rid of the woodpile or elevate your kindling to address your pest problem. Learning how to make your home and yard less critter hospitable will send these guys marching in no time.

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