10 Springtime Styles For Every Type Of Hair

10 Springtime Styles For Every Type Of Hair

This spring, new hairstyles are cropping up on the runways and in salons, giving us a batch of beautiful looks to try at home, or with our stylists.

Last year’s popular long and straight cut is always a classic, but this year, expect innovative, interesting and funky new hairstyles to be added to the “cool hair” list as well.

Below, we’ll discuss some of the stand-outs that have already garnered national attention, and maybe you’ll spot a cute new ‘do that’s just right for you.

Check out 10 on-Trend Hairstyles for Spring:

1. Slick and Sophisticated

No matter what your hair length, stylists have been having fun slicking hair away from the face for a high-powered and refined look that gives a classy feel to any cut.

Recently spotted on Chelsea Handler, the host of the E! Network’s Chelsea Lately talk show, this look can lend an air of authority to a business suit, or appear beach-bound and casual with a sundress or swimsuit.

Be sure to use a product that gives the hair a glossy look, rather than greasy, and wear this style with confidence.

2. Pony on the Down Low

The low ponytail is back, and it’s lower than ever, with the hair often flat against the back of the neck for an incredibly elegant statement.

The low ponytail also looks great with slicked back hair, so feel free to combine these two hot trends for a chic, simple style that works for a day at work, or even paired with formal evening wear.

3. Tangled Tresses

The deconstructed braid is being seen is many different forms, from frazzled French twists, to playfully rumpled plaits, and gives the wearer a romantically windswept look reminiscent of Renaissance days and childhood summers.

The tangled braid also boasts easy maintenance, as it’s not supposed to look perfect, removing the styling pressure with a relaxed, hassle-free structure.

4. Gentle Waves

Put the straightening iron down, because this year, waves are not only acceptable, they’re awesome. Spring runways were covered with wavy-haired ladies with just-out-of-bed-head, and the trend is continuing to grow.

Rather than smoothly glamorous waves, this year’s hair looks more like a day at the beach, with a softer, tousled edge replacing the Hollywood waves of the past.

To create this look, let hair dry naturally and skip the brush, running fingers through the hair to keep it flowing and natural.

5. Part to the Side, Please

Side parts have always been around, but this season finds them more extreme than ever before, with many hairstyles appearing combed over from the other side of the head.

The deep side part adds an androgynous vibe that can look fabulously fashionable, and has the added benefit of working with nearly any other hairstyle; giving a low ponytail, soft waves, or the slick-backed styles mentioned above an entirely different feel.

6. Milkmaid Braids

Still messy on purpose, this style is similar to the deconstructed and tangled twist trend, but with a more Old World feel, with the braids wrapped around the head to give the wearer a very classically European image.

If your hairstyle looks like it might adorn a German girl serving steins of beer in a pub, you’ve captured the crown braids look – but feel free to wear whatever fashionable clothes you’d like with it, because it looks great with casual or formal wear.

7. Golden Glory

An interesting new fad in the world of fashion is the addition of gold accessories to hairstyles of all types. This has taken various shapes and forms, from gold hardware holding back low ponytails, to glinting gold flakes sprinkled liberally through up-dos.

Gold barrettes, shiny headbands, sparkly glitter on eyes and in the parts of hairstyles are delightfully dazzling metallic touches that look good for casual club nights, but can still rise to a formal occasion (such as a wedding).

8. Short and Sweet

Short hair has been becoming more popular than ever before over the last few years, with the pixie cuts that were all the rage last year growing out a bit into short bobs, asymmetrical cuts and spiky styles.

Texture is a big factor in the short hair trend, and even girls with wavy or curly hair like Halle Berry can rock this sassy look with confidence.

9. Fairytale Hair

It’s all about the flowers placed in the hair, whether swept up or flowing and wavy – and just as long as it looks straight out of a children’s story, you’re doing it right.

Use a flowery headband to give it a ‘70s edge, or tuck flowers into a messy braid to create a delicate femininity.

10. Retro Curls

These are the smooth and silky, structured curls featured on pin-up girls from the ‘50s that are loaded with a glamorous flair that turns any look instantly dramatic and stylized.

Feel free to combine the gold barrette, headbands and glitter trend with the retro curls for an extra-current appearance.

Nicole Tolliver is a professional blogger that is always providing readers with the latest in hair style fashion. She writes for Wigs Depot, a top supplier of hair extensions, human hair weaves and machine weft hair for all styles and lengths.