3 Tips For Picking A Good Storage Facility

3 Tips For Picking A Good Storage Facility

Moving is a chaotic enough situation as it is. With trying to organize all the odds and ends to move from point A to point B you may have overlooked storage options. Unless you have your move down with military precision you’ll need a storage facility for your valuables. Picking the right storage spot may be a bit daunting. The multitude of options as well as pricing structures can confuse even the most well informed mover.

Since your goods will need to find a temporary home during the move it makes sense to find a good, secure storage facility by your new home.

Use these tips to find a safe, reputable storage facility.

Do Your Security Homework

Before picking a facility do a thorough security check of the grounds. Will you be able to sleep soundly if you choose this spot for your storage? Walk around the area to look for possible security breaches. All fencing should be thorough, without any areas where thieves can enter the facility. Demand excellent lighting. Nobody should be able to walk through the area undetected. Patiently work through the details to ensure that your valuables will be kept safe.

Security guards should be alert. Reputable, secure facilities may have a few security guards present to keep an eye on the grounds. Check for cameras dotting the storage area. Check the quality of lock on the storage room as well as the strength of the door. Thieves should have a terribly difficult time trying to break into storage if they someone breached the outside fence. Remember; you’ll likely have thousands of dollars of goods stored here if not of a higher value. Make sure you have full and complete confidence in the self-storage business before you trust your valuables with the service.


As with real estate the location makes the difference. Using self-storage that’s too far from your new home will result in sky high gas bills and time wasted on the road. Pick a facility that’s close to your home. Make sure the neighborhood is safe and secure too. You don’t want to be accosted on the way to the location. Research distances online to get a rough idea of the location. Drive to the location to discern the commute length. Traffic and other factors may disqualify a storage facility from your watch list.

Storage Options

Most facilities offer a wide range of storage options to better meet your individual needs. Room size plays a chief factor in pricing options. Figure out how much storage you need by estimating the volume of goods you need to store. Make sure the room is sealed from the elements if you need to store valuables of a sensitive nature. Important documents are at the mercy of heat and humidity. Check for a climate controlled setting to store your goods with the utmost confidence. Don’t forget to check for periodic promotions to save your hard earned money. Considering the costs you’ll incur during the move every penny saved counts.

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