5 Tips For Keeping Your Teeth Clean

5 Tips For Keeping Your Teeth Clean

Keeping your teeth clean doesn’t have to be a strenuous chore. By keeping your oral health in mind you have the proper motivator to brush regularly. Eating the right foods can inspire you to flash your pearly whites.

Let’s face it; having a bright, clean, clear smile boosts your self-confidence and lifts the spirits of people around you. Everybody loves being with someone who smiles regularly. Be that guy or gal by taking care of your teeth.

Use these 5 tips to keep your teeth clean.

Cut Certain Foods from Your Diet

Fix your chompers by cutting staining foods out of your diet. Coffee, tea and blackberries need to go if you want to dazzle people with your smile. Ditto on smoking. Kick that habit to take care of both your teeth and heart. Drink plenty of water instead of tooth-decaying soda. Take it easy on wine too; this spirit can stain your pearly whites as well. Remember that if a food is dark before you consume it chances are your teeth will stain after downing the food stuff. If you can’t resist having a coffee just brush your teeth immediately after downing a cup of Joe. Before you saddle up for another serving of mom’s rich, teeth-staining gravy think about keeping your smile white and bright.

2 Minute Rule

If you’re like most folks you brush until your hand gets tired or you get bored. For the average person this is about 10 to 20 seconds. Whitening your smile requires 2 minutes of steady brushing. Set a timer. Use an alarm for notification. Don’t finish brushing until your allotted time has expired. Keep your perfect smile in mind if you’re ready to ditch a brushing session. You can get creative by listening to a tune that lasts about 2 minutes. When the time is up you’ll be done with your brushing session and ready to start the day!

Lighten Up on Your Grip

Treat your toothbrush like you are holding a pencil. Let go the Kung foo grip. Relax. Lighten up. Force negates. You are likely brushing way too hard if your toothbrush looks like it went through a series of wars. Look out for worn-out, splayed bristles and other signs of wear and tear. Grip your toothbrush just like you’d grip a pencil or pen. Easy does it. Brushing aggressively is not the best way to get rid of plaque, just so you know. Go with 45 degree angle, placing the toothbrush against your gums, and brush in a tidy, neat circular motion, gently working your teeth over. Don’t do the back and forth bit. Ease up on your grip and brush in a pleasant way to remove food particles from your chompers.

Toss the Brush in the Trash

Toothbrushes shouldn’t be changed with each new presidency. Get serious about your bright smile by changing your brush every 2 to 3 months. Be disciplined. Stop trying to get as much as possible out of each brush. Get creative by buying 2 to 3 extra toothbrushes when you are due for a new one. This cancels out any excuses you have about being too lazy to go to the store.

Get Dental Implants

If you want a whole new set of teeth you may want to get dental implants. Skilled professionals can perform this procedure to help improve the quality of your life.