Your Resume Is Not Perfect Without These Important Details

It is very important that your resume be complete. Employers receive dozens or more resumes when a position becomes available, and only those who have the well – polished resumes will make it past the initial selection process. With an updated, detailed resume, however, you can rest assured that there will be many opportunities to come your way and that more employers will consider you to fill their positions.

A Look at your Resume

You are probably already aware of the basics of the resume. It must be up to date and contain information pertain to your last position. The resume should include your name and contact information (including address, email address and telephone number) and it should also contain an objective or a goal that you have in place when searching for a job.

But, those are just the basics and nothing that will make your name stick out to employers. So, what can you do to make a perfect resume to ensure that your name isn’t stuck in the middle with the rest? There are a few important details that you must not leave out of your resume if you want to get the best results in your job search.


It is important that a potential employer understand the skills and the qualities that you bring to the table, and the resume is your one chance to make those things shine brightly. The skills that you offer to the employer are the most important bit of information found in the entire resume. The employers want to know that you have what they need, and what it takes to help their company grow into something bigger and better.

In addition to listing skills that you have gained through work experience, make sure that you also list other important skills such as different language, computer skills, data entry, etc. all of the skills that you can bring to the table are important and essential for the potential employer to know.

Your Attributes

While it is important that an employer, or potential employer, get a better understanding of who you are through past employment, it is equally as important that the employer know that you can bring positive attributes to the company. Do not be shy about offering details of what you can bring to the employer. Sell yourself and make yourself stand out. But remember, be honest in your destruction because this is something that the employer will be expecting should the gob be given to you. Tell the employer what you can do that no one else can do.


Listing accomplishments, without sounding boastful, is another positive attribute that will certainly help you stand out in the eyes of employers. They want to know the numbers, the facts of the matter, and what you are really going to do for them. This is something better evaluated through learning your past accomplishments. Be proud of what you have done, and list it on that resume.

Volunteer Experience

If you have volunteer experience make sure that it is something that is listed on your resume . this is something that you can feel good about doing, but also something that will leave all who know that it was done impressed. So, double benefits, as you can see.

Social Media Links

These days technology is powerful. Employers want to know what you are doing on social media, and including links where this information is easily accessed is a good idea. With that being said, make sure that you have only positive information on your pages. Anything that you post could get in the wrong hands, even if it is marked as private, so do not take any chances. If it is a photo or a comment that you would be embarrassed for mom to see, keep it of social media, at least as you pursue a new career.

Write it Yourself?

There are professional resume writing companies available who, for a smell fee, will construct a well written resume for you to use. If you feel that you are unable to provide a resume that peaks for you, hiring someone eel to handle the job may be something that you want to take into consideration.

Hiring someone else is certainly not a requirement but it can definitely make it easier to get a winning resume.