6 Things All Recruitment Agencies Want Job Seekers To Know

Many job seekers ask what a recruitment agency or hiring manager is looking for? The answer to this question is not a one line, easy one. This all depends on the nature of work you’re in, the position you’ve applied for and what the company’s policies dictate. When you’re applying for a job you do not have much time to actually make a good first impression unless you come pre-prepared. Also getting shortlisted for a job requires inside information of what types of candidates or applications the hiring manager is considering. However, because a recruitment agency ends up earning a commission from the employer that hires their candidate it’s in their best interest that you get hired, and because of that they try and tell job seekers how to improve their chances of getting hired. Below we look at six things that any recruitment agency will want their candidates to know.

No.1: Apply for Positions you’re Qualified for

This sounds like a no-brainer but many people think that if they are into sales for instance, they can apply for a sales manager position, become branding manager, or even work as a store clerk. However, by applying for these positions you’re in fact just wasting your time and possibly the recruiter’s time. So, you should only apply for positions where you meet 75% of the qualifications listed. Go through the list of things that the job requires and tick those off in your resume prior to deciding to apply.

No. 2: Make sure your Edit your Resume

It is imperative that you properly tailor your resume to suit the job you’re applying for even if you’re a 100% fit for the position. The reason being that just being fit for the position is not good enough, the recruiter needs to be convinced that you’re a good fit via your resume. So, your resume will have to be tailored to feature all your qualifications and skills that the job requires in the very beginning of the resume. Everything else can be added later below.

No. 3: Your Examples should be more Specific

When a recruiter or a hiring manager asks that you give examples of the roles you’ve worked in these should be specific. A recruitment agency may give you a briefing of what you should say and what you shouldn’t but when it comes to examples you’re all alone. For instance, if the hiring manager asks to give him an example of initiatives you took during a bad sales month to improve sales, your example should be specific right down to the month and year. This convinces the hiring manager that you’re not telling a tall tale to get hired.

No. 4: Read the Description

Before you apply for the job make sure to read the description. Many people make the mistake of sending their CV without taking the time out to read and understand what the job entails. This means that their CV goes unnoticed and even if there is a position that opens up later on with the company that matches their CV it may be ignored.

No. 5: Always Proof your application Material

Amazingly 20% of job applications get turned down because of incorrect grammar and bad spelling. If your grammar is not good and your spellings are wrong it shows that you’re not properly educated or you’re careless. These are two assumptions that you do not want a potential employer to make.

No. 6: Resume is four Pages Long

Even if you’ve been working for two decades, make sure that your resume is as short as possible. Long resumes are difficult for recruiters to read and they will often just scan through them. A recruitment agency will often ask that job seekers trim their resume down to two pages at most by focusing on experience that is tailored to the job being applied for.

It all boils down to being qualified for the job you’re applying for. The tips above come from some of the most experienced recruiters working for MTC Australia and if you’re qualified it will help you stand out and get a job. However, it’s equally important to build a strong relationship with the recruitment agency and stick to dealing with just one.


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Mark has been in the recruiting industry for over twenty five years. He also runs a leading recruitment agency based in Australia. Mark regularly writes and edits his blog where he details he latest recruiting trends for job seekers. He’s currently working on a book which is designed to make recruiting easier for professionals.