Biometric Time Clocks With Timeclockeshop.Com

When it comes to tracking employee work times, there are several options available to businesses. Most of them are effective, and they all have some positive points. However, more businesses are making the switch to biometric time clocks for their ease of use, accuracy and efficiency. Before investing in another time clock system, here’s what you should know about barometric scanners.

Biometric Time Clocks With Timeclockeshop.Com

Minimize Fraud

With passcoded systems or time cards, it’s easy for employees to ask someone else to clock them in. With a willing accomplice, they can have their card punched to show that they were on time when they were actually late. This type of system invites fraud and makes it more difficult to track attendance. Biometric scanners eliminate this possibility because each employee has to stand in front of the time clock to be registered. If fraud has been a problem in the past, then biometric time clocks can help you minimize the fraud and put a stop to it.


Cards are lost and passcodes are forgotten, but people will always have what they need to log in when you use biometric clocks. The employees will appreciate the convenience of not having to keep track of magnetic cards. You’ll appreciate the savings that your company can enjoy when you aren’t replacing lost cards or mangled time sheets.

Ease of Use

Using biometric systems is easy, but getting set up can be a little tricky. Employees will have to be trained on using the machine, but any time clock will require some level of training. Once the information is entered in the computer when new people are hired, it will remain in the system for future reference. Using the clocks will be fast and easy, and that’s good news for employers and employees alike.

Digital Recording and Instant Reports

If you’re still using paper timecards, you’ll love the instant reporting available with any digital system. Reports can be pulled in a few seconds, and calculation errors are eliminated with the digital recordings. Reports can also be customized to search only for late entries, people leaving early, overtime or other problems.

When you have hourly employees, you need accurate tracking systems. The paper timecards of the past are giving way to electronic systems, and biometric machines are quickly rising to the forefront. They’re affordable, easy to use and very convenient to help you reduce expenses and increase profit levels.