Winter Energy Tips: Saving On Your Heating Bill

It is easy to drop the ball when it comes to energy efficiency, and saving money, during the winter months. We aren’t purposely doing anything wrong, we are just so used to doing things a certain way, or we don’t ever learn about the simplest tips. Even relatively small changes can make a world of difference, especially when they are all added together. Here are just a few tips to help you cut back on your heating bill in those chilly months.


Weatherstripping is one of the most inexpensive, yet effective fixes for increasing energy efficiency in the winter. Up to 12 percent of heat loss occurs around doors and windows. These air leaks make the home feel less warm, leading you to crank up the heat unnecessarily. And even if you don’t, your energy bill still climbs as a result of the furnace having to work harder to do its job.

If you already have weatherstripping, and it is more than a few years old, it is likely in need of a replacement. If you don’t have any at all, it is high time to get some.

Purchas Portable Heaters for Gathering Spaces

Portable heaters can be a great way to cut down on heating bills. By warming the immediate area where you and your family may be in a particular moment, you can turn down the thermostat without sacrificing comfort. For every degree below 70, you can save three percent on your heating bill. Naturally, you will be using energy to power the heater, but it still works out to less than running the heat at a higher temperature.

Make Sure You are Performing Proper Maintenance on Your HVAC Unit

To keep units operating at peak efficiency, you must take proper care of them. This usually involves some routine maintenance on your part, such as regularly changing air filter, and keeping the system free of dirt, which can cause all sorts of issues. Getting it serviced once a year is probably the most important thing you can do to keep it functioning properly.

Choose your service provider with care. Whether you are looking for a company that provides heating and air conditioning repair in Greensboro NC, Greenwich CT, or the Garden State, be sure to check resources like Angie’s List or Yelp for customer reviews and ratings.

Put Plastic Film on Patio Doors and Windows

Windows are said to be the culprit for up to a quarter of heat loss during winter months. Did you know you can save about 14 percent on your bill simply by covering them with a clear plastic film? It won’t run you more than a few bucks, and if applied correctly, you’ll barely know it’s there. Come spring, you can easily peel it off, no hassle.

Insulate the Attic Access Door

Warm air escaping through the attic is a common cause of heat loss. Even though your attic may be well-insulated, the access door may be in need of some attention. So, make sure you put some fiberglass insulation on the side of the door facing the attic. You also want to check if the door is lying flat—if not, get a latch to make sure it closes tightly.