Study In Poland – The Best Decision Towards Your Career

Study in Poland

Due to demographic, economic and other factors prevalent in Poland, a huge number of international students have been enrolling in the Universities of Poland. This year, nearly 46,000 international students are studying in Poland. Now we will analyze why Study in Poland For International Students has become popular among international students in the last few years.

Study In Poland - The Best Decision Towards Your Career 

Unique Benefits of Studying in Universities of Poland

  1. Heritage of Education: The advent of Education in Poland can be traced back to Jagiellonian University in Krakow established in the 14th century. The courses of Universities are taught in English, German, French, and Polish. So, French and German speakers can learn their courses in their native tongue.
  2. Low Academic Fees and Value for Money: Compared to other countries of Europe, tuition fee in Universities of Poland is relatively less and huge scholarships are also available. Fees of International students could be 2000-5000 EUR per year. Compared with the UK and USA, this fee enables big savings a big saving. As per experts, value education is delivered in these Universities and efforts are made to fill the spots in Education System.
  3. Blend of Many Cultures: Poland’s cities have a vibrant mix of German, Austrian, Jewish, Czech and other cultures. Consequently, this aspect makes Poland a fascinating place to live, enjoy and study. The diversity in Poland can be supported by the fact that three days holiday is declared during the festive season of students called Juvenilia.
  4. Flexible Study: Polish courses are similar to Universities in the American system. It offers the opportunity to study more than one subject. Moreover, international students can specialize in certain areas and then also they get a general education too. It provides a lively and interactive learning to students that are prevalent in USA and UK. Universities provide a platform for those students who are passionate to learn and to debate.
  5. Multiple Options to International Students: 80% of graduates choose to pursue Master or Ph.D. However, if that doesn’t fit the student, there are also some options to work in Poland after graduation. The ‘Stay Card’ can be extended to allow graduates to continue living and working in Poland long enough to find work.
  6. Advantage to Students of Science and Technology: Students of science or technology have an advantage if they study in Poland, as many multinational companies like Microsoft, Intel, GlaxoSmithKline, and Google have set up bases in Poland. Last but not the least if students don’t want to stay in Poland, they can still pursue thorough European education that will prepare them for a career in any English-speaking country.
  7. Prominent in Europe: In the last few years, Polish higher education system is developing rapidly. Poland holds fourth place in Europe (after the United Kingdom, Germany, and France) in terms of the number of enrolments in University. Moreover, most schools offer courses in foreign languages.
  8. Bologna Process: Universities of Poland follow Bologna Process. Due to three-stage education modeled on Bachelor/Master/Doctoral studies as well as the European Credit Transfer System, international students studying in Poland are mobile and they can continue their education elsewhere in the European Union. It has been 20 years since Erasmus Program is prevalent. More than 43,000 foreign students have migrated to study in Poland while almost 100,000 students from Poland have migrated to other Universities in the European Union.

To conclude, we can say that Poland has the excellent education and you can surely be successful after studying in Poland. To know more about the admission and immigration procedure of Poland, you can contact ISA Migrations for any help on this matter.