Get The Right Workstations For Your Business

Your office in Melbourne may be in need of the perfect solution to what seems like a lack of uniformity in your rapidly growing office.  The perfect solution to the having a variety of furnishings that make your offices seem like a mixture of design styles arbitrarily thrown into the same room is to utilise the orderly look of workstations.  They are completely customisable and many configurations are available.

Customise the Furnishings

There are workstations appropriate for upper management and workstations that are built for assistants and general help. The larger desks for upper management are linked with a shared low rising credenza or some similar type of companion furniture.  The other unifying elements of these workstations are the same wood finish and the same seating: matching executive chairs and guest chairs. The workstations for assistants and general workers have even more variety with a wide variety of privacy screens, desk shapes and companion furnishings.

Workstation Locations

An open-plan workstation makes use of the open space in the middle of a large room.  The workstations are allocated space via panels that divide the space or desk systems that include companion office furniture and create a special definition of a specific area for that employee or group of employees. Another type of workstation places several employees at the same location working in groups at shared desks or conference tables.

Privacy Screens for General Employees

Privacy screens are available in several fabrications: fabric covered perforated steel and glass.  They can be low panels slightly above desk height, tall panels, above eye level or even taller panels, almost to ceiling height.

Modular Office Workstation Layouts

  • Rectangular workstations are capable of accommodating 3 to 4 workers.  Their compact design provides drawers for storage of documents and files.
  • L-Shaped Workstations are made for individual workers and provide them with enough space to perform several different tasks conveniently within the confines of their allocated space.
  • Face-to-face workstations and back-to-back workstations are constructed with the strongest materials for use by multiple individuals.  They are built compactly to conserve office space as well.
  • Single seat workstations are built to allow a single employee the freedom to perform multiple moderately private job functions.
  • Linear workstations are very space conscious and affordable.

Multi-person modular workstations group employee workstations in a configuration that creates multiple corners and delineations of space.

Additional Customisation of Office Furniture

Even with these separate categories of workstation configurations there is still much customisation of each design.  The base material for the desk and panel frame can vary and several colours are available for the base.  Companion office furniture can be selected for individual workstations including drawers, files, shelving and desk extensions.

To get a thorough grasp of your available workstation configuration options visit Progressive Office workstations.  They have an extensive array of office furniture choices including a variety of quality workstations at a wide range of price points.  Work with a furnishing consultant to build you interior work environment from the ground up.  Get professional assistance creating the most tastefully designed and efficient workspaces for all your employees from executives to general employees.